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1 in 3 Indians believe that beer consumption helps treat kidney stones: Survey | Health

Cases of kidney stones have been on rise in India and one of the reasons behind it could be inadequate understanding of kidney function and risks associated with kidney diseases. A recent survey conducted by a leading healthcare provider – Pristyn on the occasion of World Kidney Day on March 9, revealed that 1 out of 3 people believe that drinking beer helps treat kidney stones which is a myth. (Also read: World Kidney Day 2023: Foods to eat and avoid for repairing kidneys)

Around 1000 respondents participated in the survey and the data further revealed that 50% of individuals would delay kidney stone treatment for more than 6 months leading up to 2 years.

In India, while there is no national data on the magnitude of chronic kidney disease, the increasing number of cases of kidney stones paints a different picture. As per Lybrate, online appointments for kidney diseases grew by 180% in 2022 compared to 2021, with the majority consultations for kidney stones. In addition, the number of men consulting for kidney stones is 3 times more compared to women,

One of the most common risk factors for kidney stones is diabetes and hypertension, yet only 14% of respondents were aware of that. More than half of the individuals were unaware that the kidney produces urine. Only 9% of respondents were aware that the kidneys also break down proteins, and 7% knew of the kidney’s role in maintaining bone health. With the popularity of fitness and bodybuilding regimes, many individuals have started incorporating protein supplements into their diets. While there is no scientific claim or medical studies, the survey showed that more than half believe protein supplements can cause kidney stones.

“The findings show lack of awareness around kidney health. At Pristyn Care, we receive over 1.5 lakh patient queries annually around kidney-stone and growing cases in the younger population shows signs of lack of information about the risk factors associated with kidney stones. While our survey showed 68% of individuals believe kidney-stone removal surgery is safe yet 50% said they would delay the treatment for more than 6 months. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent further damage to the kidney,” says Dr Vaibhav Kapoor, Co-founder at Pristyn Care.

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