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10 Must-See OTT gems recommended by The New York Times

We are always out of breath and time when we sit down to watch a good film on the OTT platforms, the numerous number of films and options always leave us confused and overwhelmed. New York Times has come out with 10 best Netflix movie recommendations on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus.

10 best movie recommendations on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney Plus

The Adventures of Tintin (2011):

A charming family adventure directed by Steven Spielberg, showcasing a cheerful intermingling of old and new with motion-capture animation, delivering a fun-loving, globe-trotting narrative.

Saving Private Ryan (1998):

A soberly magnificent World War II epic directed by Steven Spielberg, recognized for its nearly dialogue-free, 20-minute Omaha Beach landing recreation, showcasing the horrors of war and a powerful narrative.

Catch Me If You Can (2002):

A snazzy caper comedy directed by Spielberg, starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, revolving around the true story of con artist Frank W. Abagnale Jr.

Mission: Impossible (1996):

Tom Cruise stars in this big-screen adaptation of the ’60s spy show, directed by Brian De Palma, filled with suspenseful set-pieces and trick photography.

Up in the Air (2009):

A sharp comedy-drama featuring George Clooney as Ryan Bingham, navigating corporate layoffs and personal challenges, directed by Jason Reitman.

Scarface (1983):

An ’80s classic directed by Brian De Palma, starring Al Pacino as a ferocious gangster in coke-fueled early-’80s Miami.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004):

A culturally significant comedy starring Will Ferrell as a 1970s local “Action News” anchor, filled with humor exploring gender roles and media ineptitude.

The Deer Hunter (1978):

A harrowing drama directed by Michael Cimino, exploring the ramifications of the Vietnam War on a group of friends from a Pennsylvania steel town.

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005):

A delightful stop-motion animated feature from Aardman Animation, filled with whimsical adventures as the duo tackle a rabbit and werewolf menace terrorizing their village.

Jaws (1975):

Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film about a killer shark is a cinema history cornerstone known for its suspenseful narrative and character depth, showcasing Spielberg’s ability to create breathless moments of terror with limited special effects.

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