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2nd batch of startups graduate from GE Healthcare’s India Edison Accelerator

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GE Healthcare to partner with these start-ups including taking these solutions to market and offer them an opportunity to build scale: Shravan Subramanyam, Managing Director, Wipro GE Healthcare, South Asia

AarogyaAI, BrainSightAI, FluidAI, InMed Prognostics, Onward Assist, Wellthy Therapeutics became the  second batch of start-ups to graduate from India Edison Accelerator, GE Healthcare’s collaboration programme with startups

Edison Accelerator is GE Healthcare’s collaboration program with startups, mentoring this ecosystem towards comprehensive digital solutions relevant to healthcare providers to strengthen or develop new applications, services, and AI algorithms.

The Demo Day featured six impressive health tech startups, each solving some of the most critical healthcare challenges in the field of Oncology, Neurology, Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, Covid-19 etc. The startups – AarogyaAI, BrainSightAI, FluidAI, InMed Prognostics, Onward Assist, Wellthy Therapeutics showcased their clinical solution, business model, market opportunity and projections to a virtual audience comprising startups, investors, VC’s, clinicians, healthcare players and other corporates.

As per a release, Cohort 2 startups were onboarded in September 2020 after an extensive evaluation process. From the 150 plus startups who had applied, 25 were shortlisted and finally, six startups were invited to Cohort 2. Throughout the programme, GE Healthcare reportedly worked with the startups to refine their solutions, got feedback from its customers to iteratively improve the functionality of the solutions, provided commercial and regulatory guidance, mentorship and skill development programmes. The startups were also provided with a cash-in-grant of USD 10000.

Shravan Subramanyam, Managing Director, Wipro GE Healthcare, South Asia said, “I am extremely proud of the founders of our second Cohort for the exciting and innovative businesses they are building. Their strength lies in their ability to match their unique technical knowledge and deep business skills to real world healthcare problems to improve outcomes and patient experience. Each of these startups are working on areas that are extremely relevant to GE and our customers. Their game changing solutions are complementary to our offerings and address significant healthcare challenges that exist today. We are looking to offer our customers those choices and intend to partner with start-ups of Cohort 2 on relevant engagement models including taking these solutions to the market and offer them an opportunity to build scale.”

About the six start-ups

  1. Wellthy Therapeutics is a leading digital therapeutics company working across Europe and Asia with a mission to enable better health outcomes, through digital care for complex clinical conditions.
    Outcome: Deployment of diabetes management solution through hospitals, which will help patients improve their outcomes
  1. AarogyaAI provides genomics-driven precision diagnosis of anti-microbial resistance in infectious disease. AarogyaAI’s proprietary software rapidly and comprehensively helps to determine the drug sensitivity status of a tuberculosis (TB) patient using next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence.
    Outcome: Integration with the Edison platform, viz., automation of data ingestion and orchestration of inferencing, output generation and display by using various Edison platform services
  1. Onward Assist enables cancer pathologists with a seamless pathology workflow platform combined with automated analytics tools for specific biomarkers, helping specialists complete their reporting process in 30-40 per cent lesser time and with higher certainty.
    Outcome: Able to successfully deploy Onward’s smart pathology workflow on Edison cloud, and standards-based interoperability across the workflow
  1. BrainsightAI creates AI-based diagnostic tools that aid functional investigation of the brain. This technology helps psychiatrists and neurologists in diagnosing mental disorders, and neurosurgeons in pre-surgical planning.
    Outcome: Deployment in a hospital in Bangalore and development of a customised viewer for the specific neurosurgery features
  1. InMed Prognostics is a globally distributed deeptech firm and an early mover globally in integrating image, text, and signal to provide ethnicity-specific decision support to clinicians and clinical researchers in the field of neurology.
    Outcome: Neuroshield is deployed on Edison using Edison orchestrator, DICOM storage and Imaging Fabric
  1. Fluid AI builds an AI platform which works on massive amounts of data to make highly accurate and actionable predictions. Fluid AI works across multiple use cases and industries.
    Outcome: To predict anomalies and breakdowns in CT scan machine data up to 7 to 14 days prior with a high level of accuracy, providing a window for corrective action to be taken

“Through EdisonTM Accelerator we wish to collaborate with the startup ecosystem to create healthcare solutions leveraging the Edison platform and decades of GE Healthcare’s expertise – solutions that will enable preventive healthcare, precision diagnosis and treatment in a timely and affordable manner. We have closely evaluated the solutions of our six startups and have successfully integrated them into the Edison platform. This demo day validates the strength of our programme and is the start of a deeper, sustainable engagement with these startups which could involve commercialisation, joint development and clinical validation of solutions among others,” said Girish Raghavan, Vice President – Engineering, GE Healthcare South Asia.

After the first cohort’s graduation, GE Healthcare continues to work with those alumni startups to co-develop and commercialise healthcare solutions facilitated by the former’s infrastructure and resources. Cohort 1 start-ups are 5C Network, DeepTek, Orbo, Predible and Synapsica.

India EdisonTM Accelerator has now opened registrations for its third cohort. We are looking for solutions in the following focus areas: Imaging and Advanced visualisation, Virtual Hospitals and Remote Patient Monitoring, AI for Oncology and Cardiology, Clinical and Operational Efficiency and Data Management. To know more and to apply, visit

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