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5 anime adapted games that shines on pc

In the past five years the anime industry has seen a massive growth in viewer base. It became the new trend for Gen-z’s. In the last few years Anime games have been overhauled and resurrected for PC. A title like One Piece Odyssey is introducing their new DLC for the platform. In 2023, PC’s have tons of anime games ranging from indie genre to AAA titles.

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Here are some of the best anime adapted games that you can purchase on Steam

1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, Mohoyo’s free to play, went viral since its release back in 2020. This open world RPG features anime based characters, aesthetic, game assets and lucrative Japanese themed animation with intriguing story lines for side quests.

Genshin follows the live service model just like Skyrim, and features tons of microtransactions along with Seasonal Battle pass and more

Genshin Impact is available on Steam for free.

2. Persona 5 Royale

Persona 5 Royal was released last October and it’s available on Steam. This PS exclusive made its way to PC after a long anticipated period. It is currently the best anime RPG that you can experience on PC.

The PC port offers updated visuals, lightning and high framerates, including all DLCs.

3. One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is the uncontested best One Piece game till date. Their games’ graphics are very similar to manga. The Island of Memory is too gorgeous to move your eye. This new One Piece installment features a whole original plot for the Straw Hat Pirates with an upcoming DLC in hand.

One Piece Odyssey is available on Steam.

4. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Fighter Z was developed by Arc System and published by Bandai Namco in 2018.

This Dragon Ball Z title is very similar to Marvel vs. Capcom or Street Fighter vs. Tekken. This game features almost every DBZ character from the Dragon Ball Universe. Fans of DBZ should try this game once to experience the buttery smooth combat and movement.

5. Scarlet Nexus

This RPG title was released in 2021 by Bandai Namco; it features very lucrative cel-shaded anime visuals along with crisp combat mechanisms.

As a Scarlet Nexus player you can control one of the two protagonists, Yutio Sumeraegi and Kasane Randall.

Nexus’ world is very vibrant to look at and the crisp combat made it to this list.

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