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In the realm of daily shower rituals, the warmth of a comforting shower often takes precedence however, a growing number of dermatologists are now advocating for a surprising alternative: cold showers. These cold immersions may seem daunting but they hold the promise of significant benefits for both skin and hair.

5 benefits of cold shower for hair and skin (Photo by Tim Wilson on Unsplash)

Let’s explore the wisdom shared by dermatological experts and uncover the transformative advantages of incorporating cold showers into your daily routine:

1. Reduced Skin Inflammation – In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Ishmeet Kaur, MBBS, MD Dermatology, Director and CO-Founder of Dermosphere Clinic, shared, “Cold water possesses soothing properties, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive or inflamed skin. Its vasoconstrictive nature helps reduce redness and inflammation. Skin conditions like rosacea, known for facial redness and discomfort, can find relief in the calming embrace of cold water. Cold water is often advocated for patients getting skin procedures as well.”

2. Pore Tightening – Dr Ishmeet Kaur highlighted, “For those yearning for a smoother complexion, cold showers may hold the key. Cold water has a unique ability to temporarily tighten and constrict pores. Smaller pores give your skin a refined appearance and reduce the risk of clogging, which can lead to acne and blackheads.”

3. Shinier, Healthier Hair – According to Dr Ishmeet Kaur, hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it lackluster and brittle while cold water works as a guardian for your hair. It seals the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, shinier locks that are less susceptible to frizz and damage.

4. Reduced Itchiness – Dr Deepak Jakhar, MBBS and MD Dermatology, revealed, “When applied to irritated or itchy skin, it can alleviate discomfort and itching by reducing inflammation. This is especially beneficial for individuals with conditions like eczema or insect bites.”

5. Enhanced Scalp Health – Dr Deepak Jakhar added, “Cold showers can be particularly beneficial for scalp health. They can help soothe an itchy or irritated scalp and reduce dandruff symptoms. For those with scalp conditions like psoriasis or eczema, cold water can provide relief by calming inflammation and reducing itching. Incorporating cold showers into your routine may take some adjustment, as it can be an acquired preference. Start with lukewarm water and gradually decrease the temperature to a level that is comfortable for you.”

He pointed out, “Stepping into a cold shower might not be the most inviting thought but the potential rewards for your skin and hair are undeniably compelling. Improved circulation, reduced inflammation, shinier hair, tighter pores, and overall health benefits make cold showers a worthy consideration for those who desire a healthier, more radiant appearance. However, it’s essential to remember that extremely cold water can be harsh on the skin and may not be suitable for everyone. Gradually incorporating cold showers and adjusting the temperature to your comfort level is advisable.”

Concluding, Dr Deepak Jakhar advised, “Following your cold shower, promptly apply a moisturiser to seal in moisture and prevent dryness. Opt for a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturiser that is gentle on sensitive skin. As with any aspect of personal care, what works best can vary from person to person. If you have specific skin or hair concerns, consulting a dermatologist can provide tailored guidance based on your unique needs.”

So, embrace the icy charm of a cold shower and embark on a journey toward healthier, more vibrant skin and hair.

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