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5 best realme smartwatches for your daily needs


Realme has established itself as a leader in the wearable technology market. It provides a wide selection of best realme smartwatches designed to fit a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles.

Realme's dedication to innovation is seen in the ongoing improvements made in each new generation of their smartwatches
Realme’s dedication to innovation is seen in the ongoing improvements made in each new generation of their smartwatches

With so many alternatives, the realme smartwatch line is a monument to design, innovation, and utility, offering consumers a wide range of options to customise their wrists. Smartwatches are no longer just timepieces; they are a combination of cutting-edge technology, capabilities for monitoring health, and stylish design.

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Realme has built a collection that meets the diverse demands of its customers in recognition of this change. Versatility is the basis of realme’s smartwatch choice. Realme’s smartwatch is designed just for you, regardless of your interests in fitness, technology, or a combination of style and use. There is an excellent fit for any wrist thanks to the collection’s vast range of designs, which includes everything from traditional styles to more modern and athletic looks.

Modern technology is incorporated into these timepieces to improve the user experience beyond appearance. Each realme smartwatch is designed to fit into everyday life smoothly, encouraging a healthier and more connected lifestyle, with features like heart rate monitoring, exercise modes, sleep tracking, and notifications sync.

Realme’s dedication to innovation is seen in the ongoing improvements made in each new generation of their smartwatches. Every new update sees enhanced functionality, streamlined features, and a steadfast commitment to leading the wearable technology industry. Offering more than just options, the realme Smartwatch collection provides a doorway to a world where customisation and technology collide.

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  1. realme Smart Watch S with 3.30 cm (1.3″) TFT-LCD Touchscreen, 15 Days Battery Life, SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring, IP68 Water Resistance, Black

A stylish and functional wearable, the realme Smart Watch S is made to go well with an active lifestyle. Its 3.30 cm (1.3″) TFT-LCD touchscreen makes navigating through the many functions and alerts simple with its clear images and simple touch controls. The vivid display makes it possible to see well even in dimly lit areas, improving the user experience.

This wristwatch can resist repeated recharging because of its remarkable battery life, which may last up to 15 days on a single charge. With its sophisticated health monitoring features, which include continuous heart rate tracking and SpO2 monitoring for blood oxygen levels, you can be aware of your health at all times.

With an IP68 water-resistant certification, the realme Smart Watch S is designed to survive your travels and is appropriate for a variety of settings and weather situations. This realme smartwatch is durable regardless of whether you’re exercising hard or caught in the rain.

Its elegant black finish and adaptable shape make it easy to wear for both informal events and the gym. Its elegance and usefulness are well combined. For those looking for a comprehensive approach to fitness and connection, the realme Smart Watch S is a dependable companion thanks to its wealth of capabilities, robust design, and fashionable appearance.

Specifications of realme Smart Watch S with 3.30 cm

  • Brand – realme
  • Model Name – Watch S
  • Style – Watch S
  • Colour – Black
  • Screen Size – 1.3 Inches



It boasts an impressive 15-day battery life.

It may have a limited app selection or compatibility.

Has SpO2 and heart rate monitoring

Some users might miss having built-in GPS functionality

Durable against water splashes and dust


Sleek and modern design



2. realme Smart Watch 2 Pro (Metallic Silver) with 1.75″(4.4cm) HD Super Bright Touchscreen, Dual-Satellite GPS, 14-Day Battery, SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring, IP68 Water Resistance, Free Size

Redefining smart wearable technology, the realme Smart Watch 2 Pro in Metallic Silver combines remarkable features with a stylish design. A sizable 1.75-inch HD Super Bright Touchscreen that provides clear images and simple touch control complements its elegant style. With Dual-Satellite GPS, this watch is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as it gives accurate tracking while engaging in activities without requiring a phone connection.

With an impressive 14-day battery life, customers can use this realme wristwatch all day long without having to charge it constantly. SpO2 monitoring, which offers information on blood oxygen levels, and continuous heart rate monitoring for thorough health tracking are examples of features that are health-centric. Swimming and other water-based workouts are appropriate for the watch because of its IP68 water resistance, which lets users engage in a variety of activities without worrying about getting wet.

Every user will fit comfortably and securely because of its free-size design. With its many smart features—such as music control, alerts, and many sports modes—the realme Smart Watch 2 Pro is a dependable partner for regular users and fitness fanatics alike, adapting easily to their daily routines.

Specifications of realme Smart Watch 2 Pro

  • Brand – realme
  • Model Name – Watch 2 Pro
  • Style – Modern
  • Colour – Metallic Silver
  • Screen Size – 1.75 Inches



The 1.75-inch HD Super Bright Touchscreen offers vivid visuals

It might have a smaller selection of compatible apps compared to other platforms

The Dual-Satellite GPS delivers precise tracking

Some users might find the free-size design slightly bulky

Extended 14-day Battery Life


IP68 rating ensures resistance against water and dust



3. realme Techlife Smart Watch SZ100 1.69″ HD Display with SpO2, Heart Rate & Temperature Monitors (Blue Strap, Free Size), RMW2103

With its vivid 1.69″ HD display, the realme Techlife Smart Watch SZ100 RMW2103 provides clear images for fluid navigation. With features like temperature sensors, heart rate tracking, and SpO2 monitoring, it was created with health in mind and gives users the ability to monitor critical indicators correctly. Its modern blue strap, made for a universal fit, offers some comfort and elegance. This wrist tech realme smoothly integrates into everyday life to provide users with smart alerts, activity tracking, and several sports modes that keep them informed and inspired. The realme Techlife Smart Watch, which combines style and utility, is a valuable tool for those who value convenience and health while making digital decisions.

Specifications of realme Techlife Smart Watch

  • Brand – realme
  • Model Name – realme Watch SZ100
  • Style – Watch SZ100
  • Colour – Blue
  • Screen Size – 1.69 Inches
Pros Cons
1.69″ HD display offers clear visuals Large display might not suit smaller wrists
SpO2, Heart Rate, Temperature Monitors Accuracy of sensors may vary
Blue strap and free size for versatility Limited color options


4. realme Smart Watch 2 | Super Bright 1.4 Inch HD Display | Support Multiple Watch Faces & 90 Sport Mode | 12 Days Battery Backup | IP68 Water Resistant| Monitors Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Level | Black

Experience the realme The Smart Watch 2, which is a state-of-the-art wearable with unparalleled appearance and functionality. Vibrant clarity and visibility, even in harsh illumination, are ensured by its 1.4-inch HD display. Easily adjust to your lifestyle and exercise regimen by choosing from 90 sport modes and changing watch faces with ease. With only one charge, you may use it continuously for up to 12 days, which makes it ideal for everyday usage without needing to be constantly charged. Due to its IP68 water resistance, it can withstand a variety of conditions, including harsh workouts and outdoor excursions.

This stylish black realme smartwatch is more than just a pretty face; it’s a complete health companion. To get further insight into your health, keep an eye on your blood oxygen levels and heart rate. This wristwatch may be used for both monitoring everyday activities and working out routines. Fit lovers and tech enthusiasts alike will find the realme Smart Watch 2 to be a sophisticated combination of solid performance and stylish design. Accept a more intelligent approach to tracking your well-being and adding flair to your daily ensemble with this adaptable realme wearable smart watch.

Specifications of realme Smart Watch 2

  • Brand – realme
  • Colour – Black
  • Model Number – 6941399046801
  • Screen Size – 1.4 Inches



Extensive Sport Modes

The availability of colours might be limited

Up to 12 days of battery backup

The level of customisation or personalisation might be limited

The 1.4-inch HD display ensures excellent visibility

Limited compatibility with certain devices

Suitable for swimming and enduring various environmental conditions



5. realme Band 2 Space Grey

Fitness lovers and tech-savvy people alike will find the Realme Band 2 in Space Grey to be a stylish and effective combination. This sleek, minimalist fitness tracker effortlessly combines fashion and functionality with its eye-catching Space Grey hue. Its compact design and low weight provide comfort even after prolonged use, making it a perfect partner for everyday tasks and exercise routines. The Realme Band 2 offers a plethora of sophisticated health monitoring functionalities that go beyond mere activity monitoring. Its very accurate sensors track blood oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns to provide complete information on general health.

To improve user comfort, the bright, responsive touch screen provides easy access to workout modes, health information, and alerts. This realme tech gadget has a long-lasting battery life that minimises the need for regular recharge and guarantees continuous use all day. Its water-resistant construction also increases durability, enabling users to remain informed and connected even while engaging in strenuous exercise or a variety of weather situations.

Specifications of realme Band 2 Space Grey

  • Brand – realme
  • Model Name – RMW2010
  • Colour – Grey
  • Screen Size – 1.4 Inches
Pros Cons
The model is quite affordable  May lack some advanced fitness features.
It has a stylish and sleek design Battery life could be better.
Comes with a large AMOLED display  


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Three best features


Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

realme Smart Watch S with 3.30 cm (1.3″) TFT-LCD Touchscreen, 15 Days Battery Life, SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring, IP68 Water Resistance, Black

1.3″ TFT-LCD Touchscreen


15 Days Battery Life

SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring

realme Smart Watch 2 Pro (Metallic Silver) with 1.75″(4.4cm) HD Super Bright Touchscreen, Dual-Satellite GPS, 14-Day Battery, SpO2 & Heart Rate Monitoring, IP68 Water Resistance 1.75″ HD Super Bright Touchscreen Dual-Satellite GPS IP68 Water Resistance
realme Techlife Smart Watch SZ100 1.69″ HD Display with SpO2, Heart Rate & Temperature Monitors (Blue Strap, Free Size), RMW2103 1.69″ HD Display Heart Rate & Temperature Monitors Comes in free size
realme Smart Watch 2 | Super Bright 1.4 Inch HD Display | Support Multiple Watch Faces & 90 Sport Mode | 12 Days Battery Backup 1.4 Inch HD Display Support for Multiple Watch Faces 90 Sport Modes
realme Band 2 Space Grey Compact and lightweight design Fitness tracking features Long-lasting battery life

Best value for money product

When it comes to value for money, the realme Smart Watch S stands out as a superior option. With a 1.3″ TFT-LCD display, a 15-day battery life, and essential health monitoring functions like heart rate tracking and SpO2, together with IP68 water resistance, its remarkable feature set offers significant capability at an affordable price.

This watch’s overall value proposition is enhanced by the fact that it has a full feature set and an attractive black design. Its capacity to include features usually seen in more expensive competitors makes it an appealing option for anyone looking for a smartwatch that strikes a balance between cost and powerful capabilities. In the highly competitive smartwatch industry, the realme Smart Watchs is an excellent value since it strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and vital functionality.

Best overall product

Out of all the smart realme accessories on the list, the realme Smart Watch 2 Pro comes out on top. Its dual-satellite GPS and 1.75″ HD Super Bright Touchscreen provide an exceptional visual and navigational experience. Its sturdy functions, such as heart rate monitoring and SpO2, are maintained with a 14-day battery life. Its IP68 water resistance adds to its dependability in a variety of activities. The realme smartwatch stands out for its all-encompassing combination of enhanced display quality, cutting-edge GPS features, extended battery life, and vital health monitoring functions.

While the dual-satellite GPS greatly increases accuracy and precision in position monitoring, the bigger, high-definition screen makes it easier to use and read. This feature appeals to both outdoor and fitness lovers. Also, the longer battery life guarantees continuous use for a more extended period, making it stand out as a trustworthy partner for a variety of tasks. Because of its exceptional capabilities combined with a stylish appearance that demonstrates a dedication to both practicality and style, the realme Smart Watch 2 Pro is the clear option for people looking for a premium, all-around smartwatch.

How to find the best realme smartwatch?

In order to get the finest realme smartwatch for your requirements and tastes, you must take into account a number of variables. Here’s a detailed how-to:

  • Determine What You Need: Ascertain what your main purpose for the smartwatch is. Do you want to track your exercise, keep an eye on your health, or do both at the same time? Establish which features—battery life, display size, style, sports modes, and other features—are most important to you.
  • Functionality and characteristics: Examine each model’s characteristics. Essential features to consider include water resistance, GPS, SpO2, heart rate monitoring compatibility, battery life, display quality, and compatibility with the operating system of your smartphone.
  • Design and Comfort: Think about the size, material of the band, and design of the watch. Choose a design and size that fits your wrist comfortably and according to your particular preferences.
  • Battery Life: Evaluate the battery life in accordance with your use patterns. If you would rather have fewer charge cycles, a longer battery life can be essential.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the wristwatch has the required connection options and is compatible with the operating system (Android or iOS) of your smartphone.
  • Reviews and Ratings: To learn about actual performance and user experiences, read reviews left by consumers or reliable sources. Seek input on the product’s precision, robustness, usability, and customer service.
  • Budget Consideration: Establish your spending limit and choose a model that provides the most value for the money. Think about if the extra features in more expensive versions are worth the money.
  • Compare Options: Examine many realme smartwatches in light of the previously stated considerations. Realme has a range of models, each meeting distinct demands; evaluate the models’ features to choose the one that most closely matches your needs.

You may locate the realme smartwatch that best fits your demands, interests, and lifestyle by taking these factors into account and doing extensive research.

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