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6 Strategies to run a winning ecommerce store in Australia

Even before the birth of the internet, e-commerce existed through international message transfer services. During those days, transactions were slow, and there were bound to be many errors. Today, e-commerce has become fast, accurate, and diverse. And the products you buy can reach your doorstep in a few days.

E-commerce has evolved dramatically since then. In 2021, retail commerce sales ballooned to USD$4.9 trillion worldwide. And there seems to be no stopping this business model since this figure will grow by 50 per cent in the following years.

Today, the largest e-commerce store in the world is Amazon. It originally started selling only books, but the vision of Jeff Bezos, a Princeton graduate, transcended everyone’s imagination, including him. This platform now carries a vast array of products and sells millions of units daily.

If you have a vision for your product, as Jeff Bezos’ slogan would say, ‘Get Big Fast’, try selling on this platform. If you want to know how to sell on Amazon Australia, here are some strategies to help you:

1. Find a unique niche market

The business world is cutthroat, and the competition can eat you alive quickly if you’re not prepared. And this is especially true if you dive into a market that is already saturated. That’s why looking into a unique niche with less competition would be best when considering a product to sell.

Competition can be healthy, but if you’re starting out and constantly bombarded with problems about it, you could lose sleep at night. Expect to be hounded with challenges when you’re in a widespread niche like women’s clothing, skincare products, scents, and footwear. It would be best to pick a product focusing on a unique niche market.

2. Solve A Consumers Problem

The best products that catapulted to the heights of retail were those that solved consumers’ problems. In recent years, homemakers have struggled to juggle chores left and right and have become exhausted with everyday tasks.

When the robot vacuum came out in the market, people scrambled to get it, and sales soared. Soon after, inferior versions of it started *proliferating retail e-commerce stores, and people still bought them. Now, homemakers can check off one tiring task of sweeping their house on their list. And business owners have been counting thousands of dollars in profit.

Another great product that came out was lanyards to hold face masks. Since facemasks have become too familiar and wearing them has become mandatory in many places, people need to have one or more of them in their bags.

But this has become a problem because people always forget where they place their masks and consume more than they should which is not great for the environment. Lanyards that hold facemasks solve the problem of missing masks. They are very stylish and environmentally friendly too.

6 Strategies to run a winning ecommerce store in Australia

When you launch a new product, gathering enough reviews and testimonials about it would be best. This will be your proof that your product works. You can do an initial launch with your friends and family. Their positive reviews before you do a grand launch can be a great help.

This will also build confidence in your product and maybe find some weaknesses you can solve. Testing it in a small sample will allow you to see your product’s Achilles heel. And possibly create a solution to a potential problem.

Impulse buys are products that typically cost cheap and would target those situations when consumers will act on an impulse and buy something they didn’t plan on buying. They don’t have much to lose when they think it’s so cheap. They’ll buy it even if they don’t need it.

You’re targeting consumer behaviour, and it’s very effective. Another good thing about it is the capital would be low. You wouldn’t need to spend a lot on investment for it.

5. Build An Eye-Catching Website

In this day and age, people’s attention span keeps on getting shorter. If your website lacks a character that would captivate your audience, the chances they’ll stay and browse would be slim. You must ensure that once users land on your website, they’ll find reasons to stay and navigate.

You can start with choosing a compelling design, then move on to its ease of use. Once you’ve done those two, you can focus on crafting valuable content that will give users more reasons to learn about your brand and what you offer.

6. Boost Your SEO Strategies

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the hottest topic in the business world. Efforts in making your website land on the first page of SERP (search engine results page) are the most crucial thing for businesses today. Once you’ve achieved this, you can sit back and witness your sales soar.

Brick-and-mortar stores still exist for traditional consumers, but with the technological trend and advancements the world is experiencing, the shift is naturally in e-commerce. If you have a great product, there’s no better time than today to start building your e-commerce store. And if you want to sell on Amazon, following the mentioned tips could help you.

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