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7 healthy ways to lose weight in summer season | Health

Summer season is perfect for shedding those extra kilos gained during the sedentary days of winter, but extreme heat can pose a challenge in getting out and hitting the gym. Besides, over-indulging in high-calorie foods like ice creams and shakes can make you gain weight instead of losing. (Also read: Weight loss tips: 10 lifestyle changes to reverse, prevent or manage obesity)

Many people feel that excessive sweating during summers helps to lose weight quicker(Freepik)

Good news is you can make healthy choices for yourself by going for physical activities like swimming that’s fun and relaxing, while adding seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, mangoes, grapes to your diet. This is also the perfect time to add refreshing salads to the diet which can help add fibre to the diet and assist in weight loss.

“As soon as the summer approaches, people start getting anxious about their weight gained during the cosy winters and start making efforts to shed those extra kilos. Many people feel that excessive sweating during summers also additionally helps to lose weight quicker,” says Dietitian Garima Goyal.

Goyal suggests ways to shed weight in hot summers.

1. Go swimming

Swimming is both fun and relaxing in the hot weathers and helps to lose weight too. It’s a great aerobic exercise too and the weight shed is due to the increased heart rate.

2. Say no to sugar sweetened beverages

People go overboard on colas, fruit juices, lemon sodas, squashes etc to beat the summer heat. But they are one of the leading causes of obesity, due to the hidden sugar in them in large quantities. They dehydrate the body and make you pile up on extra calories, without giving any satiety.

3. Don’t forget water

In our weight loss journey, we often miss out on adequate water intake. The sweat loss during summers also means you do not have enough water in the system to do its work. One may also feel hungrier when one is thirsty. So drinking water helps and also gives satiety to the body, and this helps to avoid intake of extra calories.

4. More you walk, more you burn

With the modern technology offering various apps to track the steps covered, it has become quite easy to know how many steps one has walked. This is a very good approach to lose weight. Just little changes in the lifestyle such as walking more, standing often, taking small strolls hourly, climbing stairs instead of elevators etc. can help you in the long run.

5. Add a bowl of probiotic to your meal

Summers sometimes upset the stomach. So never forget to add a bowl of dahi or yoghurt to your meal. This offers the growth of good bacteria in the gut and keeps the body cool too.

6. Never miss on melons

Summer season is all about watermelons and musk melons, which are extremely refreshing and hydrating fruits. Eating them makes you feel good and satiated too. They are made of mostly water, offering few calories. This makes them ideal on a weight loss plan.

7. Fill your plate with veggies

Salads are refreshing, low in calories and an ideal way of losing weight. In summers, you can consume as much salad as you want as it feels hydrating to consume them. Having cucumbers and tomatoes not only helps to quench the thirst, beat the heat but also promote weight loss by adding high fibre content and promoting satiety.

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