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7 Travel Resolutions To Make This New Year 2023

As we welcome 2023, it is totally up to us, to begin with, the right attitude. As intimidating as a new start might feel, it is our reminder to begin the year with a hopeful, positive mindset. Bringing in this concept and applying it to our travel and tourism plans for the year is something we all should be doing and we at Swirlster want to help you achieve that. Being a safe and responsible traveler will ensure that you give back as much as you get from the trip. There are heaps of things that one can keep in mind while making a travel plan. We have curated a list of a few ‘travel resolutions’ that we hope you would introduce in your travel plans in 2023.


Travel resolutions for the New Year!

Try These 7 Travel Resolutions A Rocking 2023!

1. Go Backpacking

Apart from the coolness that the term ‘backpacking’ definitely exudes, this mode of tourism is a very pocket-friendly one. Looking at travel and tourism to explore new places, and not looking at the grandiosity of hotel property is one of the important things that comes under backpacking. You carry a backpack with just essentials and then explore things as you go. Not to be confused with being an impromptu traveler, backpacking includes planning to the last bit.

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Backpacking is the best way to travel!

2. Be A Traveller, Not A Tourist

What we mean by this is to be an explorer, a person who is present to learn from new cultures, traditions, and practices. There is nothing wrong with staying luxuriously and making the most of the hotel property. But, that is hardly the purpose of tourism. If you go to France, learn the basics of French, try the French local cuisine, stay at a French BnB, make a routine like theirs and experience the French lifestyle while you are there!

3. Support Local

Stay local, eat local, shop local and get to know the pulse of the place. This way one makes sure that they are helping the local artisans and tourism industry of the place while getting to know a different way of life. There are a lot of places that have economies based on tourism. It is important to the people there that they give you the best service. Accept their hospitality, tip them well and give them back by supporting the locals.

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Support ‘Local’ wherever possible!

4. Plan Well In Advance

Everything is cheaper when you plan – travel, accommodation, transport, and other services. Planning takes a lot of your load. You get confirmations at your convenience; the rates are good and the experience is a better one. Make a travel calendar for yourself because NOW is the time!

5. Be Digitally Sound

There are plenty of applications, hacks, and jugaads that one can look at before visiting a new place. Some apps make everything hassle-free. With the covid-19 scenario, many countries made some kind of health apps compulsory. Make sure you know about these before you visit the country. Research is the key when it comes to this part of traveling.

6. Travel Light

Travel trends, fashion trends, outfits you must wear, etc. are all things important for that point in time. Those ‘Bali’ flowy dresses or Victorian gowns are going to stay in your closet after your trip ends. Make sure you are being a responsible consumer of materials. Either rent your dresses or shop responsibly.


Travel as light as you can!

7. Eco-Conscious Travel

This point sums up all the pointers above. To be an eco-conscious traveler, make sure you carry light, support the locals, and backpack your way through places. Use public transport instead of hiring a private car, and live in eco-friendly accommodation. In addition to all this, ensure that you are being an eco-responsible traveler by refilling bottles on your way instead of buying more.

Which of these are you adding to your resolutions’ list?

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