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A-rated health plans for you

How do you buy a health insurance plan? If you settle for a plan your agent sells or are happy knowing that you have bought the cheapest one, there is a bit of unlearning and a lot of learning in store for you. To give you a comparison we designed Mint Secure Now Mediclaim ratings (MSMR).

The full ratings can be seen here.

Here, only the A-rated plans have been shown. For the policies that scored B and C, see the link mentioned.

For individual plans, the sums insured are ( 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 20 lakh and 50 lakh). In each of these, the ages are 30, 45, 60 and 75 years. For family floater plans, there are four sum insured ( 5 lakh, 10 lakh, 20 lakh and 50 lakh) and two age categories—eldest insured is 30 years old or 45 years old. For the first category of eldest person being 30, the cover is for three people, two adults and one child. For the 45-years category, the cover is for two adults and two children.

This time, we take a look at the premiums and ratings of individual policies of 10 lakh sum insured for two age categories, 30 years and 45 years.

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Data as on 16 September 2020

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