Advertiser Programs




B2BCHIEF pools together decision makers & professionals from various industries and verticals, which form your audience to communicate with.

  • Leaders/ Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Production & Manufacturing Professionals
  • Design & Quality Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Trainers & Coaches


  • Enhances Brand Value
  • Generate Leads
  • Penetrates larger audience
  • Drives maximum traffic to your website
  • Develops content, engagement & traffic for your Social Media Pages- online & offline
  • Generates Social Media Engagement
  • Creates Higher recall value through longer media presence


    1. Sponsored Content:

    Let us help you extend the reach of your thought leadership!
    Our editorial team will work with you to craft the right content to engage our audience. We can provide full support with content creation based on your input or work directly with your team to ensure that your content meets our editorial standards. We will promote your content on our site as well as across our social media channels and weekly newsletter. This program can be customized as per your topic or according to the sections we have like Special Focus, Product Zone, People Connect, Green Space, News, Trends or Insights etc.

    This program provides an easy & faster solution for helping your brand reach new and wider audiences! Contact us today for pricing details. These articles will also be published on B2BCHIEF’s social media assets like FB, LinkedIn and Instagram.

    Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9822408840 if interested

    2. Banner Space:

    You also have an opportunity to promote your brand and products through the smart banners placed at strategic positions on the portal for easy and immediate visibility. These banners will help you attract more traffic to your website, thereby increasing the probability to explore more business opportunities and quality leads.

    Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9822408840 if interested

    3. Brand Bits:

    We will scroll your brand logo on the home page horizontally. It will be placed at a strategic location which would attract maximum eyeballs. This would lead traffic to your website or landing page after clicking the brand logo.

    Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9822408840 if interested

    4. SEO Push:

    Your story needs more push ad we will ensure it reaches as far as possible. Well, every story which you share on our platform, we will promote it on google or any other search engines, which would add more traffic to your article thus leading your customers to your website.

    Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9822408840 if interested

    5. InMailer Promotions:

    Our monthly newsletter attracts wholesome subscribers. It reaches your audience and offers tremendous value in businesses. Be a part of this InMails which reach out to your target in the form of banners, sponsored content , survey, banner ads etc.

    Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9822408840 if interested

    6. Sponsored Webinars:

    Want to reach out to hundreds of audiences? Want to convey your business offerings? Well, then Webinar is the sure shot way to connect & convey your Business value & message to your prospective customers. We will do it for you. We can cover your expertise, product etc or conduct an interview and invite people to view it. We will plan, moderate, execute, promote and cast it for you. Let’s speak.

    Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9822408840 if interested

    Other than the above mentioned possibilities to promote on B2BCHIEF, you can write to us and we can design a program that fits your brand and budget. write to us on or call us on +91 9822408840