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Building on the strong expertise of Advik in technology component development and the global experience of H2X with over 22 million km of distance covered by vehicles with their hydrogen systems to date.

New Delhi: Advik Hi-Tech (Advik), a leading global Tier-1 auto component supplier, unveiled an expansive portfolio of its latest technology solutions spanning ICE, electric vehicles, and CNG and hydrogen fuel segments at the 16th edition of the Auto Components Expo in Delhi.

As Advik transitions from a component manufacturer to an end-to-end systems solution provider, the company outlined its growth strategy for 2025, aiming to double its growth in the next three years. The company has earmarked a Capex of about INR 500 crore to meet its expansion requirements for product and capacity development over the next three years.

Some of the new products unveiled by Advik at the Expo include:

The latest (ICE) products: The next generation of oil pumps, water pumps, and vacuum pumps. These products help meet the Euro 6 emission norms and will bolster Advik’s strong ICE portfolio globally, further. Also on display are the new generation EGR valve, solenoid purge valve, and solenoid air secondary valve. These products will not only further reduce CO2 and particulate matter emissions but also improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles.

New electric oil pumps: Advik launched new electric oil pumps and electric water pumps with 3-way and 4-way control valves for improved thermal management and lubrication for ICE and electric vehicles. This also includes an electric vacuum pump to aid braking in passenger cars and commercial vehicles in collaboration with Entecnia, Spain.

Hydraulic CBS disc brake system: Advik launched the latest generation hydraulic CBS disc brake system and mechanical CBS drum brake system, which will cater to the growing electric vehicle 2-wheeler market in India.

CNG regulators: In the alternative fuel segment, Advik showcased the latest CNG regulators developed in collaboration with Nikki Co. Ltd. of Japan for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They include the entire CNG system, which consists of CNG Electronic Control Units (ECU), injectors, filling valves, and tank valves. With Nikki’s established technology and Advik’s manufacturing capabilities, the CNG regulators will cater to the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets as well as the industrial forklift and stationary generator markets.

Hydrogen fuel cell power generators: In the hydrogen fuel segment, Advik & H2X Global, Ltd., the Australian vehicle and powered products manufacturer, introduced their patented hydrogen fuel cell power generators to help advance the hydrogen projects in India and global markets, with the initial focus on the truck, bus, and light commercial vehicle markets and stationary generator set markets.

Building on the strong expertise of Advik in technology component development and the global experience of H2X with over 22 million km of distance covered by vehicles with their hydrogen systems to date, the joint venture will further expand their footprint in the European and Asian markets. Production is expected to commence by the middle of 2023, and the products will be marketed under the H2X brand.

Methanol fuel cells: The Advik-H2X collaboration will also apply methanol fuel cells, providing another clean alternative to hydrogen in certain products and ensuring full capacity utilization of the company’s fuel cell division.

Both of the above launches in both the CNG and hydrogen fuel cell segments will help to further Advik’s vision to create an innovative and sustainable ecosystem of technologies and services for reducing emissions, thus helping to expand the adoption of more green and clean technologies in the future.

Aditya Bhartia, Managing Director, Advik Group of Companies, said, “Our technology showcase at the Expo is the next step on our vision of becoming a leading solutions provider for the evolving multi-fuel market, both in India and globally. With all our products being manufactured in India, it underlines our responsibility to drive the industry and further the Government of India’s mandate for Atmanirbhar Bharat.

With Advik being selected for PLI, it is a testament to our commitment to adopt and indigenize leading global technologies for the Indian market. For example, the CNG regulator and Electric vacuum pump are part of Advik’s approved PLI, and they will cater to OEM demand both in India and international markets.”

Brendan Norman CEO of H2X who joined Advik for the exhibition said, “The opportunity to expand our company using India, a trusted partner recently recognized by the Australia-India Free Trade Pact, and a world leader in technological advancement, together with Advik Hi-Tech which is a company over the past 24 months we have seen offer top of the world quality and precision and acts with total grace and class is an amazing chance for us to grow our business strongly into the future. Through the course of the exhibition we have met with several OEMs and have seen significant interest in the hydrogen space and the cooperation with Advik and we see a number of opportunities to work together with these”

While Advik continues to be a world leader in the Pumps, Tensioners, and CBS Braking product category, the company is aiming to become an end-to-end systems solution provider with a comprehensive portfolio of complete hydraulic disc brake systems, mechanical drum brake systems, thermal management systems, CNG fuel systems, and hydrogen fuel cell systems to cater to both domestic and global demand.

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