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After-sales service remains a challenge: Report

After-sales service from large companies for categories such as air-conditioners remains a challenge for consumers, said a new report by community social media platform Local Circles. The report said over a half of five air-conditioner owners cited high costs and complicated contact process for servicing, while 17% cited time consuming or slow service as the challenge.

According to the report, 53% of air-conditioner owners used local or third party vendors to get them serviced, and called out the need for standardised, quality and timely service at reasonable prices. Only 13% of the AC owners used branded services through maintenance contracts and one in five respondents said that they availed the service provided by the brand. A majority of consumers said they got the servicing done by local providers.

“It is time that AC brands pay more attention to their after sales service or robust third party service providers need to emerge and provide standardised cost effective and timely service. The government also must take upon itself to ensure that there are common standards for servicing of air conditioners and publicise them for awareness of all providing air conditioner repair and services,” the report said.

In addition to high costs and a complicated contact process, the respondents cited time consuming or slow services, and lack of expertise or skilled staff as reasons why owners don’t get their ACs serviced from the manufacturers, according to the report. Issues related to local vendors and third party service providers and platforms, such as cutting corners and additional damage to equipment added to the reasons, the survey said.

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