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Air Water America’s role in driving hydrogen infrastructure

The hydrogen economy is upon us, developing and growing daily. New sources of hydrogen are coming online and increased production is imminent. This isn’t news. The lack of the hydrogen infrastructure is, however. Even more importantly, access to cost-effective liquid hydrogen as an alternative fuel is critical to full deployment across the country and around the world. 

  • Without abundant hydrogen supply, there is no hydrogen economy.
  • Without the infrastructure, there is no growth or deployment.
  • Without cost-effective distribution and refueling, there is no adoption.
  • Without renewable energy and carbon capture (during hydrogen production), there is no blue or green hydrogen.

Enter Air Water America (AWA) into the critical hydrogen value chain. “From high-efficiency liquefaction plants from Air Water Gas Solutions (AWGS) to cost effective distribution, storage tanks, skid refuelers and refueling via the Taylor-Wharton (TW) Recharger, Air Water America is at the forefront of all aspects of the hydrogen infrastructure”, notes Eric Rottier, Chief Operating Officer of AWA and CEO of Taylor-Wharton and TOMCO Systems.

The cost of liquefaction

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