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Alia Bhatt’s trainer demonstrates yoga asanas for skiers | Health

With the summer making its way in our lives, we are always dreaming of snow-capped mountains. Vacations are being planned to the colder regions of the country and abroad. With the plan of escaping the scorching heat, the excitement of engaging in various adventure sports in the snow-covered mountains is making us look forward to the vacation. Skiing is one such mountain sport which is extremely fun filled in nature. Skiing involves using skis to glide down the snow. A recreational sport, skiing is also good for our health. It helps in creating a better sense of balance and posture as we need to balance ourselves and then glide through the snow perfectly. It also helps in burning calories and boosting mental health.

Alia Bhatt’s trainer demonstrates yoga asanas for skiers(Unsplash)

However, before we step out for a great session of skiing, we need to warm ourselves up for the intense recreational sport. With better flexibility, we can achieve better balance in less time. Anshuka Parwani, yoga trainer to several Bollywood celebrities such as Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor shared an easy yoga routine to warm up the muscles for a session of skiing. “Skiing can be fun, but you know what’s not fun? Stiff muscles and joint pain. These drills will help you warm up your muscles and joints, loosen them up and give them a good stretch making your skiing session more fun,” she wrote.

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Here are a few yoga asanas demonstrated by Anshuka:

Quad Stretch

Shoulder and Tricep Stretch

Warming up the Hamstrings

Opening up laterally

Hip Opener

These yoga asanas help in many ways. Quad Stretch helps in boosting posture and balance of the body. It also helps in creating a better range of motion. Shoulder and Tricep Stretch helps in lengthening muscles and boosting circulation. Warming up the Hamstrings help in better blood and oxygen flow, while Performing Hip Oper before skiing helps in boosting range of motion in hips, legs and back. “It will also help to improve blood circulation, flexibility and range of motion,” Anshuka wrapped her post.

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