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Amazing health benefits of khus for summer season | Health

The urge to stay hydrated increases as summertime approaches. Health may suffer as a result of the higher temperatures that summer brings. Monitor your fluid intake to avoid dehydration. Instead of consuming artificially flavoured and coloured beverages in the market, choose a natural coolant, such as hydrated khus sharbat, which has several health benefits. Khus or vetiver has been used in India for centuries for its cooling properties, and its benefits go beyond just providing relief from the heat. Khus sharbat is a green-coloured mixture made of khus essence, sugar, water, and lemon. The essence- a thick syrup- is derived from the roots of khus grass (also known as vetiver grass) that give it its green tint. (Also read: Amazing benefits of eating ridge gourd in summer, cooking tips )

Khus or Vetiveria zizanioides is a fragrant grass with several health benefits. This ingredient is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It is rich in zinc and has cooling properties. It also helps boost immunity.(Instagram/thatfoodsoul)

Amazing benefits of khus for summer:

Aman Puri, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Founder,Steadfast Nutrition, shared with HT Lifestyle, the various benefits of khus and why it’s a must-have during the summer months.

1. Reduces excessive thirst and dehydration: Khus has cooling properties and helps quench thirst and prevent heat stroke and dehydration.

2. Anti-inflammatory: Due to its calming and cooling effect, khus helps reduce inflammation, particularly in the nervous and circulatory systems. It is an effective treatment for inflammation caused by sunstroke, dehydration, and loo (dry winds).

3. Removes redness from the eyes: Khus is rich in zinc, which helps avoid several eye conditions. Because of its cooling effects, consuming khus sharbat in summer may reduce eye redness caused by excess heat.

4. Improves Blood Circulation: Khus is a superb source of iron, manganese, and vitamin B6, which increase blood flow throughout the body.

5. Rich in antioxidants: The high antioxidant content of khus helps boost immunity and prevents free-radical damage to tissues and organs.

6. May help manage insomnia: Antioxidants in khus may help treat insomnia by neutralising free radicals and because of their calming properties.

7. Helps prevent kidney stones: Khus contains oxalates that help absorb excess calcium from the blood, preventing calcium deposits and crystallisation.

8. Reduces pain: Khus is used to make analgesics due to its analgesic and morphine content.

Therefore, khus is a versatile and natural remedy that can be easily incorporated into our daily routine. Whether consumed as a drink or applied topically, khus is a refreshing and effective way to beat the heat and take care of our overall health and well-being. So, don’t hesitate to try out some khus-based remedies this summer and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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