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Amazon India pays a fitting emotional homage to its loyal customers, dedicated employees, persistent delivery partners, & ardent sellers on its 10th anniversary

When a commemorative milestone is reached in a journey, it’s always lovely to look back with gratitude. Gratitude sweetens the experience and readies one for the future. Appreciating the support and contributions of people who get you to the top, makes it easier to pave a strong path ahead and achieve more milestones.

On its 10th anniversary, Amazon India is expressing gratitude for making it this far with the love and support of people that made #IndiaKiApniDukaan. Amazon is thankful to every trusting customer, ardent seller, diligent delivery agent, devoted employee, skilled artisan, thriving small and medium business, and each invaluable partner that made its decade-long journey more than memorable.

This heartfelt video perfectly sums up the gratitude Amazon feels towards people who made #IndiaKiApniDukaan their go-to online shop.
With top-notch technology and a determined supply chain, Amazon India can truly make every customer’s wish come true. Be it an Indian sitting in Madurai craving for Agra’s petha or someone from Bhavnagar wanting Bengal’s luscious rasgullas, their click is #IndiaKiApniDukaan’s command. Amazon India’s relentless delivery agents see to it that the package reaches its right address in any circumstance. Be it extreme weather or difficult roads, these delivery agents battle everything to take the box towards its rightful owners.

What started as mere 100 sellers back in 2013, today the seller community has grown to massive 12 lakhs! Over 1 lakh Indian sellers are also taking their products overseas through Amazon. The sellers are always working in tandem with the supply chain management to ensure the product reaches the customers on time and that the quality is never compromised. This dedication has made Amazon strong enough to cater to millions of customers who are happy and satisfied with their timely services.

#IndiaKiApniDukaan solved the language barrier too. It was when customers filled the search bar with queries for products in their language (such as silbatta, khulkhula etc), it was time for Amazon to serve customers in their native language. Today, customers can order anything from #IndiaKiApniDukaan without searching and translating a thing they are looking for.

Amazon #IndiaKiApniDukaan always strives to bring ease of technology and user experience to satisfy every Indian’s need. Today, a 20-year-old granddaughter teaches her 80-year-old thatha how to order a shawl on Amazon. The fact that GenZ can teach the older generation how to embrace technology with Amazon India is a delightful reminder of the beautiful harmony that exists in the new Bharat, where advanced technology gracefully intertwines with deep-rooted traditions and values. The sight of an 80-year-old learning to shop online with a 20-year-old with such nonchalance is truly a heart-warming experience.

A lot happened in Amazon India’s decade-long journey. As the video rightly resonates – Over ten years, #IndiaKiApniDukaan achieved a milestone, and it was only possible due to their customers, delivery agents, sellers and supply chain personnel. With love, dedication and respect towards their work of serving customers, Amazon completes 10 years with gratitude in its heart. However, with the determination to perform better, the brand is only getting started and today, it’s just day one at Amazon India! On Amazon India’s 10th anniversary, here’s wishing #IndiaKiApniDukaan onwards and upwards.

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