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An Inspiration called Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

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Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of Biocon was named Global Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 by EY, making her the first woman to hold the title in India and the second female entrepreneur in the world. In October last year, she was named the winner of India’s first-ever Global Entrepreneurship Award, and in May this year, Entrepreneur of the Year 2020. Earlier this month, Mazumsdar-Shaw was also named India’s Entrepreneur of the Year, making her the youngest woman ever to compete for the prestigious award in her home country.


Kiran Mazumdar – Shaw has also been named on the list of the world’s most powerful women and is on the Forbes 100 list for the first time in her career. She also features on the Forbes list of India’s ten most influential women in business and finance.


Mazumdar – Shaw has supported Devi Shetty Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital and invested $1.6 million in two cancer-related – curated – start-ups. She also founded the Kannada Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), the world’s first cancer research center in her hometown of Bangalore, and conducted the first clinical trial of cancer treatment for children in the country. Dr. Mazum Darwish Shaw also chairs the India Healthcare Challenge, an annual competition for those who want to improve healthcare in developing countries. In addition to her professorship in mathematics at Hyderabad University, she also supports the development of basic mathematical textbooks introduced in the schools of Kannaada in 2006.


Most recently, Mazumdar-Shaw, who has made affordable innovation one of her top priorities, was named Global Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 by EY.


Mazumdar – Shaw is the first Indian to win the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Award, along with NR Narayana Murthy and Uday Kotak. In 2005, she also received the Global Entrepreneurship Award from the World Economic Forum of India, the world’s largest economic development organization. She is also the second Indian to join the global Giving Pledge, launched by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates, which encourages billionaires to donate most of their wealth to philanthropic causes. With this award in its 20-year history, Mazum Darwish has received more than $1.5 billion in awards and honors.


At its core, entrepreneurship is about problem solving, and wealth creation can be a catalyst for change. Entrepreneurs have a positive impact on the communities they serve, “says EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, founder and CEO of a limited liability company, Mazumdar-Shaw.


Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, who describes herself as a compassionate capitalist rather than a philanthropist, believes that a good business model can provide a solid foundation for social progress. She sums it up: “I hate to call myself India’s richest woman, but it’s the value I’ve created as an entrepreneur and that makes me very, very proud,” she says.


In this proud moment, Mazumdar-Shaw shares an inspiring message for aspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs. She also talks about her own experiences and says that in difficult times, great opportunities often arise, and this is what she has experienced during her entrepreneurial journey.


Mazumdar – Shaw pioneered the Indian biotechnology industry when she launched Biocon in 1978 in a rented garage. In this interview she describes her journey from India’s first brewer to founding the country’s first biopharmaceutical company in Bangalore. Here is her interview with the founder and CEO of the company, Dr. K.K. Mazum Darwish.


Biocon’s stock market value soared, with the stock offered at a price of more than $1,000 per share, the highest price offered worldwide at the time. She became India’s richest woman with a net worth of $2.5 billion (now $3.2 billion), according to Forbes.


Shaw, 66, is the managing director of Biocon Limited, a biotechnology company she founded in 1978 in a garage in Bangalore. The company was founded to lead the way in pharmaceutical innovation in India and worldwide. Mazumdar – Shaw herself is a self-proclaimed Indian billionaire who, with her husband and co-founder Ravi Auchincloss, proudly owns her own company Biocontrol Pharmaceuticals. In 1978 MazUMdar Shaw became managing director of one of India’s leading biotechnology companies, Biosciences Limited, at the suggestion of Auckland.


Mazumdar-Shaw, who had difficulty getting a job in a brewery because of her gender, turned down the opportunity to return to India and forget about it.


After completing her studies in Australia in 1975, Mazumdar-Shaw returned to India to pursue a brewing career. With the encouragement and trembling of her family, she attended Ballarat University in Australia, and earned the title of brewery master. In 1975 she graduated from the brewing school in Australia and returned to India to start her career as a brewer.


When Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw wanted to be a brewer like her father, she realized that there would be strong protests against women working in the industry. When she became CEO of Biocon India, she described the company as a “multinational company.” The founder of United Breweries, the world’s largest brewer, originally wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps.




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