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Arab Banking Jordan : Bank ABC in Jordan Organizes Cancer Awareness-Raising Campaigns in Cooperation with KHCF MORE

Amman, Jordan: As part of its care for its employees, and keenness on increasing their participation in social activities with local communities and their active contribution to awareness-raising programs, Bank ABC in Jordan, in cooperation with King Hussein Cancer Foundation, organized several awareness-raising events relating to the risk of spread of cancer and how to prevent it.

In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October, the first event was for female staff of the Bank, in order to encourage early detection of breast cancer.

Under the slogan “Your Smoking Harms Me – Quit Now”, the second event was for all Bank staff, to raise their awareness of the dangers of smoking and its significant impact on their health and chances of developing lung cancer.

This event was part of the strategic partnership between the Bank and King Hussein Cancer Foundation, driven by the Bank’s care for the health of its employees and realization of the importance of health awareness and prevention, toward achieving the objectives of enhancing internal communication and creating a healthy environment for communities.

The event also included the “Hope Shop”, through which employees can buy distinguished products at affordable prices, noting that the proceeds are fully allocated to the treatment of disadvantaged patients in King Hussein cancer Center.

It is worth mentioning that Bank ABC in Jordan is always keen on participating in events and occasions, particularly those concerned with raising awareness on cancer, in order to demonstrate its moral solidarity with cancer patients, which is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide.

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