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Are you present on Koo? Now, use ChatGPT to create posts

Koo, an Indian social media service that aims to rival Twitter, has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT to help users compose posts more easily, the company’s co-founder said on Monday.

“Koo is the first microblogging platform to integrate the technology into the ability to create posts,” said Mayank Bidawatka, in an interview with Reuters.

Koo-ChatGPT integration

(1.) According to Bidwatka, people will be able to use the AI chatbot directly within the app, and draft posts about current events, politics, or pop culture. “They could ask ChatGPT about the trending news in their region, and then write their thoughts,” added the Koo co-founder.

(2.) To compose posts, users must type their prompts into the ChatGPT tool. Alternatively, they can also take help of the social networking site’s voice command feature.

(3.) Verified accounts will be the first to get this feature. Eventually, it will be rolled out for all handles on the platform.

(4.) In the future, Koo may introduce labels to identify posts created with the help of this technology.

(5.) The company hopes the OpenAI-developed chatbot will increase the number of people actively creating content on the app; at present, this figure stands at about 20% of its total users.

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