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Ariana Madix enjoys quality time with friends amid separation from Tom Sandoval

The newly taken photos show that Ariana Madix is living her best life even after her breakup from her long-time boyfriend Tom Sandoval. She was all smiles and joy as she enjoyed a getaway in Mexico with her friends. The group was there to attend a friend’s wedding, which was planned well before the painful split according to Entertainment Tonight. The pictures indicate that Madix is determined to move on and is trying to stay positive, even after the cheating scandal involving Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. (Also read: Tom Schwartz breaks silence on Tom Sandoval’s split from Ariana Madix: ‘The whole thing is just really sad’)

The infidelity could have been the cause of their separation, and it has undoubtedly taken a toll on Madix. However, she seems to have found solace in the company of her friends and is trying to keep her spirits high. Despite the hurt and betrayal, Madix seems to be holding her head high and is embracing her newfound single life.

The picture of Ariana Madix at the wedding was a sight to behold. The newly-single star looked gorgeous in a pink dress with light green shades, which complemented her skin tone perfectly. Her hair was styled in a sleek bun, which accentuated her features, and she accessorized with a Japanese wooden fan and a jute sling bag. Ariana struck a candid pose for the camera and kept a beaming smile on her face.

Kristen Doute has addressed the controversy involving her ex-partner Tom Sandoval and his alleged affair with Raquel Leviss. Kristen expressed her surprise at discovering Sandoval’s infidelity and romantic involvement with Raquel. She revealed that the news was hard for her to come to terms with, and the feelings she experienced were surreal.

According to Kristen, she believes that she and Tom should have ended their relationship earlier than they did. She said, “We should’ve broken up after a year or two. We shared a DVR box. We shared bills. We shared a s****y apartment. We didn’t have any money. And it was like, we shared the same friend group. It was, like, easier to just as it felt in the moment easier to just stay in it than it was to, like, break up the friend group. But we were both unfaithful. We cheated on each other.”

Tom’s best friend Tom has broken his silence on the controversy, and said, “[Sandoval’s] okay, I think. Relatively speaking, I mean, he has a sense of profound sadness, rightfully so, that he’s a piece of s***. And to some extent, maybe he is. But he knows he f***ed up, and the whole thing is just really sad.”

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