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Arun Mashettey calls Mannara Chopra ‘sadi surat’ on Bigg Boss 17. Watch

Bigg Boss 17 fans took to X (formelry Twitter) to slam Arun Mashettey for his mean comment about Mannara Chopra. Terming him body shamer, they said he was out of line, when he attacked Mannara on her appearance in the latest episode of the Salman Khan-hosted reality show. Also read: Angry Salman Khan shouts ‘go to hell’, schools Bigg Boss 17 contestants

Bigg Boss 17 fans slam Arun Mashettey for body shaming Mannara Chopra.

The November 16 episode of Bigg Boss 17 featured a special Diwali bash for the contestants. Bigg Boss also announced a task for the contestants to earn luxury rations. The housemates had to badmouth the contestant on the card they pick without revealing their name.

During the task, Arun Mashettey mocked Mannara Chopra after he got a card with her name. Doing so, he made some comments about Mannara and her appearance.

What Arun said about Mannara Chopra

Arun said in Hindi about Mannara, “She was referred to as the emoji queen by Bigg Boss, who said that her expressions can be used as emoticons, while chatting on WhatsApp. But, I would like to tell everyone that she is a sadi surat (ugly face) emoji. She likes it, when everyone is fighting on Bigg Boss 17. She gets satisfaction watching others fight. She keeps crying in a corner and then blames others for attacking her in a group.”

Reactions to Arun Mashettey’s comment

Other contestants such as Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain shook their heads, disapproving Arun’s comment, while Mannara looked on as he spoke against her, without reacting to Arun.

Sharing the video on X, a Bigg Boss fanpage wrote, “Super Handsome lol, the har jagah phaila hua Arun Mashettey called Mannara Chopra ‘sadi surat’. Khud ki surat kabhi mirror mein dekhi hai kya Arun ne (Arun Mashettey, who is himself all over the placed, called Mannara Chopra ugly face. as he ever seen his own face in the mirror)?”

Reacting to the clip, a person called Arun ‘sada insaan (ugly human being)’. One more person shared Arun’s image, and said, “A man with such a face was making fun of the face of another person. This is why filters have been made.” Another comment read, “It’s body shaming.” A person also wrote about Arun, “Disgusting person.”

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