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As Calif. chases climate goals, what happens to oil and gas workers?

As California transitions away from fossil fuels in the years ahead to pursue aggressive climate goals, an increasing number of oil and gas workers across the state will be forced to put their skills to use elsewhere.

But just how many workers will be affected and how difficult will it be for them to acquire new jobs earning comparable salaries?

A new analysis released Tuesday offers a rosier forecast than previous predictions.

The report, produced by the nonpartisan think tank Gender Equity Policy Institute, counted about 59,200 workers directly employed by the oil and gas industries in California. And of those workers, the analysis found that two out of three will likely be able to move into new jobs in other industries without any retraining.

For workers at serious risk of displacement and whose skills are not as easily transferable, the report estimates that the projected cost assumed by the state of California to support them with income subsidies and relocation assistance may also be far lower than prior projections.

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