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ASCI Releases draft guidelines to check environmental claims in adverts

NEW DELHI: The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) on Thursday released draft guidelines on green claims for advertisers, citing the need for transparency and accountability in brands that make environmental claims in ads.

The draft guidelines are open for public feedback until December 31, post which they will be finalised, ASCI said.

Developed by a multi-stakeholder task force, including environmental experts, these guidelines aim to ensure that advertisements are free from greenwashing practices. The draft guidelines establish a clear framework for advertisers to present truthful and evidence-based environmental claims, it added.

“ASCI’s draft guidelines on environmental and green claims are a crucial step to ensure that consumers who wish to support green brands have the correct information to make informed decisions,” said Manisha Kapoor, CEO of the ad industry body.

Environmental claims must be based on the full lifecycle of the advertised product or service, and unless the ad states otherwise, must make clear the limits of the lifecycle, the guidelines added.

They also said visual elements in an ad should not give a false impression about the product or service being advertised. “All such claims should have competent and reliable scientific evidence to show that the product or the qualified component where applicable will break down within a reasonably short period after customary disposal as well as that the product is free of elements that can lead to environmental hazards,” ASCI said.

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