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Attack on Titan’s final season reveals shocking twists in preview images

Attack on Titan fans are eagerly anticipating the final season, Part 3, which promises to deliver the epic conclusion to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa’s story. The promotional material, special events, and preview images released by Studio MAPPA have only fueled fans’ excitement. The Attack on Titan preview images offers fans a hint of what’s to come, teasing some significant plot points and twists that are sure to have fans on the edge of their seats. Here are seven foreshadowed twists that fans should expect from Attack on Titan’s Final Season.

Hange Sacrifices Herself

Fans can expect the death of Hange Zoe, who sacrifices herself to allow her friends to escape and face Eren. Levi’s gesture to her – “Dedicate your heart” – is reminiscent of Commander Erwin’s famous catchphrase, symbolizing the ultimate dedication and self-sacrifice expected of the Survey Corps. It will be heartbreaking to see Hange follow in Erwin’s footsteps and devastating to witness Levi’s reaction as the sole surviving member of the trio.

Zeke’s Return

The grinning face of the Beast Titan, a character beloved by some fans and despised by others, serves as a foreshadowing for Zeke’s reappearance. Those who have read the manga are aware that Zeke returns as a human connected to Eren’s colossal form, and they also know the fate that awaits this complex antagonist.

Levi Kills Zeke

Levi has been yearning for revenge against Zeke ever since the latter caused him to sustain serious injuries, including a bandaged face and missing fingers. A preview image hints at Zeke’s impending doom, as a resolute Levi directs his unwavering gaze towards his weapon. The ultimate showdown between the two is eagerly anticipated by both new anime viewers and manga readers alike, as they eagerly await the animated depiction of this long-awaited scene.

Eren’s Omniscient Flashback

Eren’s Omniscient Flashback is a leaked image from Attack on Titan that hints at Eren’s mental state during the Rumbling. The image portrays Eren as lonely, leading his army of Titans as the original founding titan. He feels guilty and compares himself to Reiner while reminiscing about his early days in Marley.

Armin Realizes Eren’s True Plan

In the meantime, Armin realizes Eren’s true plan before the fate of the protagonist is decided. Eren confides in his best and oldest friend, revealing that he had been manipulating his friends like a god, altering their memories and predicting their actions to achieve his desired outcome. Contrary to popular belief, Eren’s intention is not to destroy humanity, but rather to eliminate the Titans and establish Eldians as heroes who accomplished this feat.

Mikasa Kills Eren

In the Attack on Titan anime, Mikasa plays a crucial role in the storyline, as she ultimately takes Eren’s life after sharing a final kiss with him. Despite this, Eren harbours no resentment towards Mikasa and discloses that it was her destiny to slay him and liberate Ymir.

The Final Scene

The final scene of the anime is sure to be unforgettable. The Attack on Titan preview images has teased fans with Eren and Mikasa’s final embrace, with Mikasa resting her head on Eren’s shoulder. Whether this scene is a flashback, a dream, or a final goodbye, fans can be sure it will be emotional and satisfying.

Attack on Titan’s Final Season promises to deliver an epic conclusion to the story that has captured fans’ hearts for years. With so many foreshadowed twists and plot points, fans are in for a thrilling ride.

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