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Ayurveda for eyes: Best Ayurvedic home remedies to make your vision stronger | Health

The eyes are the most delicate sense organs, requiring special caution and care and getting regular eye checkups done is just one of many ways one can prevent any disease as the eyes are extremely fragile and extremely vulnerable to get affected by environmental. Eyecare is crucial since some eye issues might result in total blindness while chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension are leading causes of diminution of vision by affecting the retina and multiple sclerosis also causes diminished vision by impairing the optic nerve.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Mandeep Singh Basu, CEO of Jagat Pharma and Director of Dr Basu Eye Hospital, insisted that one must lean towards controlling these disorders by following Ayurveda and said, “Being natural, Ayurveda recommends all-natural and holistic health remedies, including perfect eye care solutions that are safe and can permanently correct or improve vision.”

For oral remedies, he suggested, “Those with poor vision will benefit significantly from the mixture of almonds, black pepper and honey. In the morning, take 4–5 soaked almonds with 2–4 crushed black pepper and a glass of warm milk. It is one of the best medications for enhancing vision. Likewise, mixing 2 to 5 tablespoons of amla juice daily with warm water will help overcome visual problems and lead to healthy eyes, as it is enriched with Vitamin C and antioxidants.”

Talking about remedies for local application other than oral treatment, he recommended –

1. Nasyam: Putting two drops of cow ghee (desi cow ghee) in both nostrils once a day, preferably in the daytime.

2. Eyewash: Wash your eyes twice daily with Triphala water (‘tri’ means three and ‘phala’ means fruits). The three fruits used in the Triphala formula are Amla (Emblica Officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), and Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica), which is recommended as an incredibly effective eye conditioner. It has control over all three body doshas, i.e. Haritaki on Vata, Amalaki- on Pitta, and Vibhitaki- on Kapha.

3. Paadabhyanga: To enhance eyesight, it is also suggested to do Paadabhyanga. In this way, you can frequently massage your feet with cow ghee (desi cow ghee) before going to bed.

4. Tratak Karma: Furthermore, Tratak Karma can be performed daily. Tratak Karma is a meditation posture in which you sit in front of a candle in a dark room or gaze at a point for a short period of time to improve your eyesight and reduce dullness.

As per Dr Sibaram Khara, Vice Chancellor at Sharda University, “Numerous eye conditions have been recognised by and also explained by Ayurveda. Drishti dosha, an Ayurvedic term, has been used to describe vision problems. It has determined the origins, signs and several courses of treatment for these eye conditions.” Highlighting that there are many ayurvedic medicines that can help to improve eyesight, he advised:

  • Triphala Kashaya (a decoction of Triphala) or TriphalaChurna (a powdered form of Triphala) taken with honey or ghee is good for the eyes.
  • TriphalaChurna is recommended for use with ghee for Pittaja eye problems, sesame oil for vataja eye ailments, and honey for kaphaja eye diseases.
  • Treating eye illnesses from the start by routinely washing your eyes with Triphalakashaya (a Triphala decoction) will safeguard your eyes.
  • Preventing eye infections each morning by washing your eyes after drinking a mouthful of water.
  • Massaging your eyes with a wet palm just after eating will protect your eyes from damaging impacts.
  • Pouring warm water over the body gives you strength, while doing the same overhead causes your hair and eyes to lose vigour.
  • As part of a daily routine, it is advisable to employ Anjana (Collyrium) and Nasya (Infiltration of Medicines through Nostrils) to protect eyes and drain excess Kapha from the eyes because they are susceptible to sickness.
  • Consuming Triphala, Ghee, Barley, Wheat, ShastikaShali (Old Rice), SaidhavaLavana, Draksha, Dadima (Pomegranate), and using Shatavari (Asparagus officinalis) and Green Gram while doing Padabhyanga (Oil) on a regular basis are all recommended.

Along with the above mentioned Ayurvedic medicines, he said that one should avoid overeating, anger, grief, sleeping in day time or waking up at night and eating food which vitiates vatadosha. Having a proper sleep pattern will ensure rest to your eyes.

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