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Bandgee Kallra on splitting with Puneesh Sharma: Don’t want to the reasons to be put out on social media


Model-influnecer Bandgee Kallra and actor Puneesh Sharma met on Bigg Boss 11, fell in love, dated for five years and have decided to part ways. Bandgee took to Instagram to announce their breakup and requested fans to “respect our privacy and not speculate things”.

Bandgee Kallra talks about ending relationship with Puneesh Sharma.
Bandgee Kallra talks about ending relationship with Puneesh Sharma.

While Puneesh, in an interview shared that the reason for the breakup was their long-distance relationship, Bandgee exclusively tells us that she does not want to delve into the details of it, but adds that there are no hard feelings or any kind of negativity between her and Puneesh.

“I’m very peaceful at heart and I’m sure same is the case with him. But, no two people think alike. I might feel that long-distance is fine, but maybe he wasn’t comfortable with this relationship, and wants to be with me all the time,” says Bandgee, adding, “Difference is opinion is always there. Moreover, with time, people change, so do their priorities and needs. And that’s what has happened with us.”

When asked about the reason for splitting after dating for almost half a decade, Bandgee refrains from divulging much. “I’ve already shared it on social media and I think for the world, that’s enough. Our relationship might have started on a reality show, but I don’t want all the reasons of separation to be put out in the public space for people to see and judge,” she maintains.

Calling herself a private person, who likes to keep certain things to herself for her sanity, she goes on to add, “Back then, Puneesh and I did not have the authority as we met on television, but now we have a choice. I do not want to give this matter too much importance. I updated people about the breakup because I felt it’s my responsibility. Everyone knew about my personal life and that’s the only reason I posted about it on social media. Had it not started the way it did, I would have never done it.”

While the decision to separate might have been a hard one to make, Bandgee says it was a peaceful and mutual one. “We still look out for the best in each other. The time we spent was fabulous. But sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. That’s how life is,” she ends.


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