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Barry’s Bill Hader reveals how he found out his ‘cousinship’ with Carol Burnett

Sometimes, we get to know about some connection or relationship much later in our lives. In an interesting development, Hollywood stars Bill Hader and Carol Burnett are cousins.

Carol Burnett and Bill Hader(Getty Images)

Burnett got to know about her connection to Hader when she appeared in a recent episode of PBS’ Finding Your Roots. In an interaction with Entertainment Tonight, 44-year old Hader opened up about 89-year-old Burnett being his cousin.

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“She emailed me,” said Hader. “Yeah, she emailed me and said, ‘Hey, we’re related.’ And I went, ‘What?,'” he added.

Hader further shared that ever since knowing his connection with Burnett, both are excitedly keeping in touch. He also recalled how he informed his kids about the revelation.

“We’ve been texting and emailing and and stuff, so it’s been really exciting. I hope I can, like, have dinner with her,” said Barry actor.

“I told my my, kids! I’m like, ‘We’re all related to Ms. Hannigan,” and they were like, ‘Ah!!’. “So it was really fun.” Hader added, referring to Burnett’s iconic role in Annie.

Meanwhile, Barry star is ready to bring a close to the popular tv series which is currently in its fourth and final season.

“It’s nice to write, you know, ‘The End’ on the thing, but it’s it’s going to be sad to say bye to everybody. That’s the hardest part of it,” said Hader.

“I’m very happy to not have to play this guy anymore. He’s a very dark character, so I’m happy that that’s kind of over with… I’m going to do something very light now,” he added.

Interestingly, all eight episodes of Barry’s final run has been directed by Hader. And his costars Henry Winkler and Sarah Goldberg lauded him for his creative direction and bearing the workload in an incredible manner.

“Well, when he said he was going to direct all eight, we thought he was insane. Such a huge amount of work, and he really pulled it off. I mean, he had a really strong vision for what he wanted to do this season. It was a very ambitious, cinematic vision, and he was so kind of organized with his thoughts and ideas and kind of brought it every single day,” Goldberg told PEOPLE.

“This is where Bill wanted to be. Saturday Night Live was a deviation from his dream, and I watched him from the very first season to now. He is the creator, producer, writer, actor, and now director of all of them. Not a ripple in the water. Not a moment where you think, ‘Oh my God, he’s stressed.’ I’m stressed. Oh, my Lord,” said Winkler.

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