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Bay County draws concern from Southport residents over cement silos

PANAMA CITY — The heated discussion regarding three large cement silos in Southport has returned to county officials. 

The Bay County Commissioners held a quasi-judicial hearing to consider preliminary matters regarding the McKenzie Offloading Facility in Southport.

On May 11, the Planning Official issued a development order for the McKenzie Offloading Facility owned by Hollingshead Materials, LLC. The order was then appealed by the owners of five nearby Southport properties. Appeals can only be brought by aggrieved or adversely affected parties.

The hearing focused on whether the appellants meet the definition of an aggrieved or adversely affected party. Bay County officials voted to put off any decision until their next meeting on Aug. 16.

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The proposed project involves the construction of a barge offloading facility and a cement and aggregate terminal with an associated access road, parking, utilities, and stormwater management facility. The project would be constructed on a 7-acre lot on McKenzie Road. 

Cement silos, like the ones proposed, are structures used to store chemicals to make cement.

Residents of the Marina Bay condominiums, who live less than a mile from the lot, protested the facility at a commissioners’ meeting on Dec. 21. Residents spoke out on the effects the silos will have on the environment, air pollution and properties surrounding the lot.

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