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“Be prepared to wait” in regards to automobile parts | KSNF/KODE

JOPLIN, Mo. — Automobile parts are still hard to come by, according to experts.

We caught up with the good folks at “The Touch Up Shop” in Joplin today.

Bottom line, is if you need a part, wherever you go, be prepared to wait.

“Check on the ETA on the part, see if they’re back ordered because there’s no point on a vehicle sitting here for a month just waiting on a part, it costs me money to move it in and out everyday uh inconveniences the customer, they may run out of their rental if they have rental, so I do a parts check before we ever bring the cars in on almost every car,” said Scott McCammon, Owner, The Touch Up Shop.

McCammon also believes manufacturers are placing a higher priority on building new vehicles, as opposed to making parts for existing models.

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