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Belarus redirects part of its exports to the ports of Murmansk region

The meeting of the President of Belarus and the governor of the Murmansk Region is another step in setting up effective ties with Russian regions.

The world is changing, but if the West prefers to build walls, the East offers a window of opportunity. Now it is clear in what direction we should work in the first place. Murmansk Region is a big logistic centr, which now will be actively used by our country.

The Northern Sea Route: The decision in principle has been made.

The cooperation with the Murmansk Region continues in other directions. The trade turnover of the year shows the growth and till June the parties have traded for 62,5 million dollars. There was $100 million in 2021. There is a traditional interest in our equipment – today or tomorrow the delegation plans to visit four major manufacturers: MAZ, BelAZ, Belkommunmash and Amkodor. The portfolio of prospective contracts also includes foodstuffs, construction and construction materials supplies, and our country’s participation in the water purification program.

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