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Calcium is an extremely important nutrient required for the well-functioning of the body. It helps in strengthening the bones and the muscles. It also helps in boosting heart health and balancing the PH levels of the body. Adequate calcium in the body helps in strengthening teeth and regulating muscle contractions. In case you are looking for ideas to lose weight, calcium helps in facilitating the process as well. “Getting enough Calcium in your kids’ diet is very essential in their developing years. Having strong bones in childhood is a good start for good bone health throughout life,” wrote Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee as she further pointed out that often people think milk is the only source of calcium for the body. However, that is not the case. She further noted down the best sources of calcium.

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Black sesame seeds: Packed with calcium, Vitamin B Complex and healthy fats, black sesame seeds are usually enjoyed as a festive snack – til chikki. In case you are trying to increase the consumption of back sesame seeds for children, tik chikki is the way to go.

Curd: Curd is loaded with health benefits. A rick source of calcium and immunity boosting properties, curd can be consumed as plain curd or as an ingredient in curd rice.

Whole pulses: Whole pulses such as rajma, kabuli chana, black channa, green channa and chowli are rich in calcium content. They can be cooked with chopped tomatoes and onions and consumed with rice or chapathi.

Green vegetables: Most green vegetables such as methi, brocolli, spinach and raddish leaves are loaded with calcium. Even mint and coriandr chutney is a favourite of children which can be consumed as a spread in sandwich or an accompaniment in meals.

Nuts: Walnuts, figs, dates and apricots are great sources of calcium, protein, healthy fats and vitamins, and should be consumed regularly as healthy snacks.

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