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Bigg Boss Tamil fame Vikraman reacts to cheating, abuse allegations against him | Web Series


On Sunday, Kiruba Munusamy, a lawyer, accused politician R Vikraman, who shot to fame after participating in Bigg Boss Tamil season 6, of ‘intentionally exploiting’ her. In a series of tweets, she accused him of cheating on her and said he financially abused her. Kiruba also urged the political party Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), of which Vikraman is the spokesperson, to release the report of their committee that had probed her allegations against him. On Monday, Vikraman responded to Kiruba’s allegations. Also read: Kamal Haasan returns as host with Bigg Boss Tamil 6

Kiruba Munusamy with R Vikraman in an old photo.
Kiruba Munusamy with R Vikraman in an old photo.

Vikraman denies allegations made by lawyer

In response to Kiruba Munusamy’s allegations, R Vikraman said she had tweeted only some screenshots of the Whatsapp conversations between them as he stated ‘a coin has two sides, likewise this story also has two sides’.

He said that contrary to her claims, it was him who was the real ‘victim’ here. Vikraman alleged that Kiruba’s ‘concocted allegations’ were being made in order to ‘wreak vengeance’ after he refused to marry her. He also said she was trying to ‘finish his political and professional career’.

Vikraman say he’s fully prepared to rebut charges

On Monday, along with a handwritten note allegedly written to him by Kiruba, Vikraman tweeted, “I deny the allegations made against me by Ms. Kiruba Munusamy in entirety. A coin has two sides likewise this story also has two sides. There is only one victim in this issue and it is me rather than the person making the accusations against me. We were acquaintances till 2020 and started to know each other better post her travel to UK for PhD. The entire relationship was strictly platonic, the concocted allegations now being made are made in order to wreak vengeance and finish my political and professional career, since I had refused to succumb to her unreasonable demand to marry her.”

He further tweeted, “I reiterate that I completely deny each and every allegation made against me. I am fully prepared to rebut the charges and disprove each and every one of them in the manner known under law.”

What Kiruba Munusamy said about Vikraman

Kiruba Munusamy in a long thread on Twitter had said that she had lodged a complaint with the party Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi alleging that Vikraman had caused her emotional and mental damage during the course of their relationship.

Kiruba, who belongs to the Scheduled Caste, tweeted, “When I confronted his political-intellectual-financial exploitation and opportunism, he behaved casteistly & abusively. When I distanced myself, he would cry, beg and convince that he’ll behave properly thereafter. But his behaviour continued and started gaslighting and manipulating me.”

Detailing the ‘great deal of agony’ she underwent, Kiruba said in a tweet, “After about two years of relationship, when I stopped supporting and demanded the money he promised to return in July 2022, he blocked me. After three months of trying, just before entering Bigg Boss (Bigg Boss Tamil 6), he apologised for his rude behaviour; got back together; was romantic and discussed BB (Bigg Boss).”

Sharing a series of their old photos and screenshots of their Whatsapp conversations, Kiruba said in another tweet, “The relationship continued after BB and so did his abuse, apologies and exploitation. I also found that he was cheating on me with the woman he claimed as his manager. After I confronted them in a conference call, he admitted the parallel relationship with her for over 1.5 years.”

She further tweeted, “After speaking to 15 people he referred (to) as his exes and friends, I found that there are other victims of his abuse and exploitation who are married now, including many queer men, who haven’t come out with their sexuality. Therefore, I told him that I’m going to lodge police complaint.”


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