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Both universal roads & sewerage lines projects to be completed by June next year : Panaji Mayor

Digital Goa, Nov 9 – Two projects worth over Rs 130 crore, which are underway in Panaji with the objective of solving flooding issues of the capital will be completed by June next year, informed Mayor Rohit Monserrate. “By June next year everything has to be done,” he said when asked about the deadline for completing the project. The universal footpath and sewerage chambers & sewage line works costing Rs 70 crore and Rs 60 crore are being carried out under the smart city project. “One point is left out of tender we need to get it rectified and ask govt for additional funds,” he said further lamenting that interdepartmental coordination is causing several hurdles in the work. The project aims at rectifying the old Portuguese time drains to increase the flow of water and prevent water stagnation, informed Rohit. All major roads in the capital have been dug up causing hardships to people visiting the capital

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