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BriBooks Announces the Launch of the 2023 Edition of the National Young Authors’ Fair


Singapore | New Delhi

BriBooks, the world’s largest creative writing platform for school students, has launched the 2023 edition of the National Young Authors’ Fair (NYAF) in India in partnership with Education World. 


Award and Exhibition Ceremony of the NYAF – 2022 Edition


This year’s NYAF promises to be grander with esteemed brands such as The Times of India Newspaper in Education (NIE), NDTV, Disney International HD, Crossword, and AWS collaborating with BriBooks. Their goal? To elevate the literary accomplishments of the participating schools and their students.


The event will witness participation from over 1 million students across 10,000+ schools. They will be writing, publishing, and promoting their books on the AI-powered BriBooks platform, marking their journey towards becoming young entrepreneurial authors.


The enthusiasm for this year’s event stems from the monumental success of the 2022 edition of the National Young Authors’ Fair. It saw participation from India’s premier schools such as Pathways World School, Podar International School, Ryan International School, City Montessori, Indus International School, and Delhi Public Schools, many of whom received significant accolades.


Education World’s CEO, Bhavin Shah, shared his excitement for the event, noting, “It is essential that we encourage our children to unlock their creative potential. We are proud to offer a free platform where these young minds can share their stories with the world and realize their dream of becoming published authors.”


Ami Dror, Founder and CEO of BriBooks, chimed in, “Elated by the success of these budding authors, this event has indeed established a gold standard in nurturing creative writing in India. It has paved avenues for other nations and cities. Our mission remains unwavering: to empower every child to write, publish, and share their tales in the cherished format of printed books.”


In addition to gaining recognition from media giants like The Times of India Newspaper in Education (NIE), NDTV, and having their works showcased in Crossword Stores across India, these young authors will have the opportunity to see their works featured at international literary events such as the Brooklyn Book Festival in New York.

Disney International HD is the Entertainment Media Partner for the Event. 


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