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Bride and Prejudice star Dannii Erskine dies at 28 in fatal accident

The world of reality TV is in mourning as news emerges of the tragic death of Bride and Prejudice star Dannii Erskine. The 28-year-old died after being hit by a speeding car driven by a drunk driver, her family have confirmed.

Bride and Prejudice Australia star Dannii Erskine has died following a fatal car accident last week.(Channel Seven)

Fans of the show will remember Dannii as the determined young woman who fought for the right to marry her partner, Denton Ansley, despite opposition from her mother and sister. Sadly, Dannii’s dreams were cut short when the car she was travelling in was struck by a drunk driver at a junction. She suffered a devastating injury to her skull upon impact with the airbag and was pronounced braindead at 12:01am on April 29th.

Post on Instagram account of Bride and Prejudice star Dannii Erskine.
Post on Instagram account of Bride and Prejudice star Dannii Erskine.

Dannii’s sister Dee opened up about the tragic accident, recounting the events leading up to her sister’s untimely death. Speaking to SoDramatic!, Dee explained how Dannii was driving through a green light when the intoxicated driver crashed into her vehicle, causing fatal injuries. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, Dannii’s life support machines were switched off shortly before 6am on April 29th.

The news of Dannii’s death has left her family and fans in shock and disbelief. Her family posted a heartfelt message on Dannii’s Instagram account, thanking everyone for their support and confirming that the account would be deleted in the next day. Funeral arrangements are currently underway, and messages of condolence have been pouring in from fans and friends alike.

Dannii’s passing is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact that reckless driving can have on people’s lives. Her family has urged others to exercise caution on the roads and to think about the consequences of their actions before getting behind the wheel. Although Dannii’s time on this earth was cut short, her memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

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