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BTS’ Jin bombards fans with new photos, J-Hope roasts him

BTS singer Kim Seok Jin ended his two-month-long hiatus on Instagram with not one but 10 photos from his recent vacation. On Saturday, Jin treated fans with his multiple photos and left them happy. Fans had no complaints, but it’s J-Hope, who ended up teasing Jin for spamming everyone. Also read: BTS RM crashes Jimin’s Live to wish him on birthday, shares the gifts he got

BTS member Jin shared ten photos on Instagram.

Jin shared new pictures

Eagle-eyed fans could figure out that the photos are from Jin’s recent vacation from his military duties. In all photos, the singer wore a white T-shirt, jeans and a brown jacket with a cap. Going by his pictures, Jin spent his off-duty time by brewing some wine.

In a photo, Jin posed with a jar of traditional wine. It seems like it was brewed by him as the label of the alcohol read – Seokjinie honey jar, as per X user @nightstar1201). In others, he was seen playing games as he attended the maple story pop-up. While he bowed down in one photo, he showed some goodies in the next one. He also flashed a peace sign for the camera.

J-Hope reacts to Jin’s post

Reacting to his photo, J-Hope made fun of him. He wrote, “Ajjossi(Sir), post it as one feed. How many do you post it?” Jin played along and wrote back, “I don’t have a few pictures so I have to show more.” J-Hope was also impressed with Jin’s wine.

Meanwhile, a fan on X, formerly known as Twitter commented, “I think Seokjin is wearing the same shirt he wore for Jungkook’s birthday live at Park Rokdam place.”

“Super Friday by Kim Seokjin – 10 photos for the 10 months he was away,” added another. Someone also said, “Seokjin pursuing his passions and hobby during his vacation -visiting Park Rokdam for traditional alcohol and going to his favourite game maple story pop up – I am so happy for him.”

Besides this, Jin also shared a special message for his fans aka BTS ARMY. Greeting fans with a small clip of himself, pre-recorded during his birthday vacation, the post read, “Weather where autumn rain has started to fall and become a lot more chilly. ARMY please be careful not to catch a cold and be healthy.”

BTS consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Jin, the oldest member of the group, was the first one to join the military in December last year.

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