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BTS’ Namjoon feels ‘really sad’ about Bangtan, reveals relationship status

After BTS member Kim Namjoon a.k.a RM went live on Weverse earlier today, ARMY (BTS fans) couldn’t hold back their excitement. The Korean boy band singer addressed mental health and his relationship status. When a fan mentioned that they miss Bangtan, he said, “I do too,” adding, “I felt devastated and so tired of all those stuff.” RM also hinted at his solo projects saying, “I am actually getting ready for something new.” BTS fans stormed the social media with clips from his video.

BTS’ Namjoon went live on Weverse(Photo by Twitter/joonfanpage)

This comes after BTS member V’s live session on Weverse after attending Lil Uzi Vert’s after-party with RM. Namjoon also commented on his session while V replied enthusiastically. Several photos from the party went viral on social media. Following Namjoon’s live session, fans took to X, formerly Twitter to express their thoughts. One user shared a clip, in which he revealed his relationship status. When fans asked him to introduce them to his girlfriend, the BTS star said, “I really want to but I have none right now.” He humorously asked fans to “introduce” him to one.

Another clip shared by an X user shows Namjoon giving advice to a fan. He said, “Just stop thinking and just go outside… like get your a** outside and just workout you know? do something!”

Several fans expressed their love and admiration for the band’s leader. One X user said, “I love him, he’s a life saver.”

One more fan wrote, “The way namjoon always comes whenever I have the hardest of days and I am close to breaking down completely. He really is my comfort place.”

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