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BTS’ V unveils new haircut, sings along to Jungkook’s Please Don’t Change


BTS members are currently gearing up for their mandatory military enlistment. Recently, fans (ARMYs) speculated that V a.k.a Taehyung had shaved his head in light of the upcoming service. The rumours began soon after fans noticed V’s hair can be seen scattered on the floor in his Instagram story. However, the K-pop idol shut down the rumours in his latest Weverse livestream, much to the fans’ relief. On Sunday, November 26, V unveiled his new haircut, which is shorter than his signature style during the live session.

BTS' V shows off his new haircut(X, formerly Twitter)
BTS’ V shows off his new haircut(X, formerly Twitter)

Initially, fans rejoiced over the fact that the 27-year-old singer didn’t sport a buzz cut. However, their interest soon shifted to V’s choice of music. The Love Me Again singer revealed his favourite song by fellow BTS member Jungkook. Unassuming fans were amazed when he started playing Jungkook’s latest track Please Don’t Change from his solo debut album GOLDEN. Throughout the live session, V could be seen enjoying and vibing to his friend’s latest music. He even swayed and sang along as the track played in the background.

Fans ask V to ‘collab’ with Jungkook

Soon after V’s Weverse live session ended, fans shared screen-recorded clips on X, formerly Twitter, requesting the singer to collaborate with his bandmate. Meanwhile, several others expressed their relief over his new haircut. One fan wrote on the platform, “Give certain relief! But I know that he is ready for a happy farewell that he saw him spend some time together with us.” Another said, “TAEHYUNG SHOWING HIS HAIR , LOOK AT HIM HES NOT BALD HE STILL HAS HAIR , AND HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN THAT.”

One more fan expressed, “They are very pretty taehyungie baby you scared us bad we thought you went bald.” Another fan said, “Looking fine as ever after confusing the hell out of us … literally thought he went for a buzz You never know what we gonna get from him…!!”


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