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CBSE Class 12 chemistry exam 2023: What students in Lucknow said after the paper | Competitive Exams

The CBSE class 12 students in Lucknow found the Chemistry question paper lengthy and moderate. A lot of rigorous practice that was done at school helped students to complete the paper on time, they said.

Students from GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow Atharv, Shashwat and Harshit said that they were able to timely complete the paper and had enough time for revision. Shobhita and Anubha students from the same school were of the opinion that section B was reasoning based and some incomplete equations were difficult.

Students from Lucknow Public School, Jankipuram said the paper had good weightage of organic and inorganic. Ayushman Singh found some questions were lengthy. Shruti Singh said, “Multiple choice questions were conceptual. Numericals were from NCERT, calculation was time taking.”

Ayush Sharma said, “MCQ was easy and all of them were direct questions. All the numericals were easy with less calculation from the NCERT. Organic chemistry – All questions were easy and from the NCERT. No question was out of NCERT and overall the paper was easy.”

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