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“Cement industry. Best practices. Development perspectives”.

The year 2021 was productive and broke records for the Ukrainian cement sector. The amount of goods consumed domestically has increased. There was a cement production of over 11 million tons. Active growth in demand for cement in 2021 was fully ensured by own production.

2021 was an efficient and record-breaking year for the cement industry of Ukraine. Domestic consumption of products has increased. More than 11 million tons of cement were produced. Active growth in demand for cement in 2021 was fully ensured by own production.

Cement production per capita amounted to 267 kg. This indicator is used by the UN to assess the economic potential of countries. Increasing its level means that infrastructure and housing are being built – the state is developing and has a future.

But the war adjusted in the lives of Ukrainians and the cement industry as well. At present, domestic consumption of cement is only 30-35% of last year’s.

We, like the whole country, are looking forward to the Victory and restoration of Ukraine.

Domestic cement producers can fully meet the needs of the country. In addition, enterprises are ready to increase their capacities. And in the future, for post-war reconstruction, cement production in Ukraine will grow. And the cement industry will introduce modern global technologies and provide the construction industry with high-quality cement.

This is exactly what we will talk about at the IX International Conference UKRCEMFOR 2023: “Cement industry. Best practices. Development perspectives”.


Partners: NADU, SE “DerzhdorNDI”.

Media support: Interfax Ukraine, Prof Build, Build Portal, Kapbudivnytsto, Professional Associations of Environmentalists of Ukraine.

UKRCEMFOR is the largest industry event that takes place once every two years and brings together more than 300 representatives of companies and organisations from different countries of the world. And in 2023, it will be held for the ninth time. This is a platform for discussions, where managers and representatives of all the largest cement companies of Ukraine will be present.



In addition, the following will take part in the event:

• central and local authorities.

• international professional associations.

• manufacturers of equipment for the cement industry and specialised laboratories.

• manufacturers of concrete, concrete mixtures, and admixtures.

• construction and road companies.

• manufacturers of equipment for road construction.

• scientists.

• Ukrainian and international experts in the fields of economy, standardisation, ecology, technology, and quality.

• financial institutions, funds and companies investing in the cement industry and construction.

• interested parties in the development of the industry and reconstruction of the country.



• Current state and development trends of the cement industry

• Reconstruction of the country – perspectives, challenges, and tasks for the construction industry

• Cement concrete roads are drivers of the development of the economy of Ukraine

• Technologies and equipment in road construction

• Implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine – 305 of the EU Regulation

• Quality and safety of building materials. Modern technologies of cement production

• Purposeful use of cements in the production of building materials

• Cement and the environment. Emissions, alternative fuel, environmental impact assessment.


Please reserve your time to participate in the IX International Conference UkrCemFor 2023. You can apply and be the first to know all the news.

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More details about the event: https://www.ukrcemfor.com/

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