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Changes in retail event will highlight how business are adapting

The virtual segment will begin with a fireside chat with Joshua Schall, principal of J. Schall Consulting.  Schall, a noted commentator with an eagle on the retail market, will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated e-commerce adoption and shifted consumer behavior.

Next on the agenda is Steve Hanson, founder and CEO of Nutrasocial, who will conduct a short presentation on the retail landscape from a business development, branding and marketing standpoint. 

Hanson will share key trends driving the sports nutrition market along with recent examples of individuals and companies who are adapting in the current market environment with so many profound challenges.

“I always try to look at everything from the lens of the customer and how a product or service can be relevant and serve them best,”​ said Hanson.

Some takeaways from the presentation include:

                • How the pandemic has accelerated change in the sports & nutrition market

                • Case studies of how individuals and companies are adapting

                • Organizing your business for success

Another key takeaway will be the concept of ‘thoughtful disruption.’  Hanson describes this as “Thinking about what you’re doing and do it better or be willing to make changes for improvement or consider making new ones.”

Esteemed panel  

Following the presentation, a panel discussion will wrap up the event, which includes Hanson, as well as Joshua Schall of J. Schall Consulting,  Mike Archbold, CEO at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism and former CEO of GNC, and Marc Brush, principal in the consulting firm Bend LLC and former editor of Nutrition Business Journal.  As an added bonus, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions in real time.

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