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Chase Stokes’ missed shot at Stranger Things: How it led to Outer Banks’ success

Chase Stokes is a name that resonates in the entertainment industry today, with his impressive accomplishments and growing popularity. What many people don’t know is that he auditioned for the role of Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, and the experience left a lasting impact on his life.

The almost missed opportunity

In a recent interview, Stokes shared how he drove eight hours from Atlanta to Orlando for the audition and how things didn’t go as planned. He forgot all his lines and admitted that he “absolutely effed up.” Despite this, show creators Matt and Ross Duffer saw something in him and gave him a small role in the first season of Stranger Things as Reed, a character with no lines, wearing a puffy blue vest, who appeared in episode six. (Also Read: Fans spot the film crew in episode 6 of The Last of Us on HBO)

Although he had no lines, Stokes felt grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a significant show. Looking back, he wished he could have said “at least two words” during his cameo. However, he was thankful to the Duffer Brothers for taking a chance on him when he was just starting his career. Stokes acknowledged that if it weren’t for Stranger Things, he might not have found success in the industry.

Outer Banks: A new beginning

After Stranger Things, Stokes landed a leading role in another popular Netflix series, Outer Banks. The show, which premiered in April 2020, follows a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks of North Carolina who embark on a treasure hunt. Stokes plays John B. Routledge, the leader of the Pogues, on a mission to find his missing father and the treasure that he believes is connected to his disappearance. Outer Banks has become a fan favourite, and its third season will be released on February 23. (Also Read: ‘A bit surreal,’ Paul Rudd on Joining Friends and Only Murders in the Building)

Stokes credits his success to the Duffer Brothers, who gave him his first break in the industry. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had and is humbled by the experience of working on Stranger Things. Stokes spoke highly of Joe Keery, who played the role of Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, the character he auditioned for, calling him an “absolute legend” and praising his performance in the show.

Looking back on his experience with Stranger Things, Stokes sees it as a crucial moment that led him to where he is today. His story reminds us that missed opportunities don’t have to be the end of the road, but rather a chance to pivot and find a new path towards success. As he continues to chase his dreams, it’s clear that the future is bright for Chase Stokes.

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