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Check overloading of cement-laden vehicles, RTOs told : The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Ambika Sharma

Solan, December 30

The Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) have been directed to check the overloading of vehicles carrying cement after transporters objected to the Adani management transporting the material to its dealers in trucks hired from other places.

The transporters alleged that while they were being forced to ply trucks on lower freight rate, the company management was reducing their cost by overloading trucks.

A six-wheeler truck meant for 12-tonne load was being overloaded up to 18 tonne in violation of the norms. Since the roads around the cement plants are not capable of withstanding such heavy loads, they faced the worst wear and tear.

Various transport societies engaged by the Darlaghat-based Ambuja Cements Limited (ACL) and Gagal-based ACC have been without work since December 15 after the Adani Cement management shut the plant unilaterally on the issue of reducing freight rate.

As against the existing freight rate of Rs 10.58 per ton per km (PTPK) and Rs 11.41 PTPK respectively at ACL, Darlaghat, and ACC, Gagal, the Adani Cement management had reduced it to Rs 6 PTPK.

Nalagarh RTO Rampal Singh said overloaded trucks attracted a penalty of Rs 20,000 per vehicle and an additional penalty of Rs 2,000 per tonne. Around eight to 10 trucks have been challaned in the Nalagarh area in the last two to three days as they carried additional load of two to three tonne. The drivers fled the trucks as soon as they were signalled to stop. These trucks were carrying cement.

Two overloaded trucks have also been challaned by the Solan RTO in the past as many days for overloading, with one of them carrying cement, said Solan RTO Gopal Chand Sharma.

With cement supplies drying up with 1,400 dealers across the state, the Adani Cement management was hiring trucks from other transport unions, including one from Nalagarh, to provide cement. Their attempts were, however, being thwarted by transporters engaged with ACC and ACL.

Trucks are overloaded, well beyond the permissible limit, to cut cost said HP Transporters Federation president Naresh Gupta.

Gupta said the state government should find an early solution to the over two-week-old impasse as the transporters were facing hardships with each passing day.

Protest in Bilaspur

A protest of the Bilaspur District Truck Operators’ Society turned violent in Bilaspur on Friday. The protesters reportedly stopped trucks coming from some cement plants and damaged bags. They raised slogans against the mgmt of the ACC plant at Gagal. oc

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