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Chucky Season 3 premiere: White House turns red but who was the first victim?

With the Chucky Season 3 premiere, terror returns to our screens as Chucky targets the White House. As Caroline is still missing, Lexy, Jake, and Devon embark on a challenging quest to find her.

Chucky’s Reign of Terror Continues: A Recap of the Season 3 Premiere. (chuikyisreal/Instagram)(Instagram)

In the opening scenes of the episode, a new character is introduced, who is terrified of ghosts in his closet. Although his mom tries to comfort him, it’s of no use to poor Henry, who eventually finds comfort in a doll he calls Joseph.

Much to the viewers’ surprise, Henry’s family lives in the White House and is revealed as the First Lady’s son. As the power goes out, the family, including President Devon Sawa Collins and his older son Grant seek refuge in an elevator.

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However, before they can hide, one of their security personnel discovers Chucky a.k.a Joseph and returns him to Henry. Viewers are no strangers to the fact that the power outage was a false alarm. And, anyone who has seen previous seasons, knows the real threat that looms.

A year later, Jake is seen livestreaming. He, Devon, and Lexy are trying to heal and cope with their past traumas. Jake is focused on his art, particularly a creepy doll series. He just needs one last piece to complete his work—a Good Guy doll—and he’s willing to pay for it.

During breakfast the next day, Henry is reading a book titled ‘Ghosts of 1600’, which doesn’t really help with his nightmares. He realises that Joseph wants to visit the Oval Office. Surprisingly, the president allows it, placing Chucky in a chair.

As the president and his team leave the room, they unintentionally leave Chucky alone with access to a sharp letter opener.

Meanwhile, Lexy is busy creating thirst traps on TikTok, hoping to gain more followers to support her search for her sister, Caroline. She shows her followers a photo of Caroline and promises to bring her home while warning them to be careful with the doll.

While Mrs. Collins is preoccupied with paint swatches, she mentions her need to stay busy, hinting at a possible family tragedy. Henry returns from school, still scared to enter his room, and requests a security sweep from Teddy.

Unfortunately, this would be Teddy’s last sweep because Chucky is waiting for him. Chucky seizes Teddy’s gun and shoots him, resulting in a gruesome scene.

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The press secretary informs the media that they are investigating the possibility of an accidental death, suggesting it may have been self-inflicted. During a break, the president and first lady get busy getting high.

We learn that Henry has indeed lost a brother, but the details remain undisclosed. Chucky later contacts Jake, Lexy, and Devon, taunting them and hinting at his new location with strict visitor policies.

The lack of caller ID and a news report about a death at the White House led the kids to Chucky’s whereabouts. They decide to travel to Washington, D.C., to confront and eliminate Chucky once and for all.

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