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City of Lakeland resurfacing 31 roads after recent downtown intersection changes

LAKELAND, Fla. — There are several changes on Lakeland roads, and they may impact your Monday morning commute.

The city converted seven intersections into four-way stops with hopes to improve traffic downtown.

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“What we are doing is hoping that the four-way stops will increase the traffic through downtown, so you don’t sit and wait three minutes for a light,” Kevin Cook, the city’s Director of Communications, said.

He said this change will also improve pedestrian safety. 

The city also starts a large repaving project Monday that will repave 31 roads in town.

They’ve set a schedule to repave several streets a day. The process is expected to wrap up in early February.

The city said while it may be a bit of an inconvenience, the work won’t last long.

“It’s really an interesting process. It’s called micropaving. We come in and scrape the top layer of the street off, then repave it right behind that, so it’s a pretty rapid process,” Cook said.

He explained the workers are in and out of there quickly and the new pavement should last for another 10 years.

The repaving schedule is below.

January 23

  • Julie Lane
  • Liberty Lane
  • Lamplighter Lane
  • Dolly Lane
  • Benford Avenue

January 24

  • Rolling Woods Lane
  • Bellview Avenue
  • Windsor Street
  • Phillips Avenue

January 25

  • Jefferson Drive
  • Reany Road
  • Auburn Street
  • Alyce Street
  • Montgomery Avenue
  • Anderson Avenue
  • Bellgrove Street

January 26 

  • Ricardo Lane
  • Tierra Alta Court
  • Tierra Alta Drive
  • Meadowbrooke Avenue

January 27

  • Snowbird Avenue
  • North Westgate Lane
  • Chase Street Belmar Street
  • Belmar Street

January 30

January 31

  • Aberdeen Court
  • Lakeland Park Boulevard
  • Osceola Street

February 1

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