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Co-operate in reducing cost of products through scientific research

Science and Technology Minister Om Prakash Sakhalecha has called upon the scientists to co-operate in reducing the cost of the products of traditional artisans with their skills and abilities and prepare a national level database of these products, which will further enrich our heritage. Minister Sakhlecha was addressing on the second day of the 8th India International Science Festival by inaugurating the Local for Vocal Conference of Artisan Technology at MANIT. CSIR Director General Dr. Smt. N. Kalaiselvi and many scientists along with artists from across the country participated with their products and innovations.

Sakhlecha said that today the country is taking rapid steps towards becoming self-reliant and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is standing in support of these artisans. He said that in the Covid period and afterwards, we and the whole world have seen the potential of India’s scientists. He said that in order to make the country self-reliant, we will have to co-operate with these artisans using technique and technology for the products. He shared the efforts being made to increase the production of several products like toys etc. in the country.

Discussing Madhya Pradesh’s Mukhya Mantri Udyam Kranti Yojana, cluster based units etc., Minister Sakhlecha said that co-operation of scientists is necessary along with government support. Minister Sakhlecha also visited various stalls and got acquainted with the products and innovations.

N Kalaiselvi said that this time I am a part of the science festival since its inception. The Minister of Science and Technology and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of Madhya Pradesh has shown his scientific interest by connecting science in various disciplines related to artisans. It is true that the Science Festival is a motivating event for the artisans and craftsmen.

Along with CSIR, directors of laboratories have also come to the science festival. Teachers from universities have also come. The Union Minister for Science and Technology has come among us. This can be called the Centre-State Conference. She said that through Vigyan Utsav, efforts will be made to understand and fulfill the needs of artisans and craftsmen of different disciplines.

Kalaiselvi, Director General, CSIR, said that the artisans will be provided with scientific information and co-operation in solving problems from beginning to end. She said that the artisan community should use natural colours and waste materials. This will not only put the waste to good use but also save the environment.

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