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Comments on Cloud Technology and Financial Services by ANIL UZUN

According to ANIL UZUN, cloud technology has a lot of benefits and it is indispensable for financial technology companies.

ANIL UZUN says: “Cloud technology has advanced many sectors in a positive way in recent years. Thanks to that technology the companies cut their costs, have more secure ways to accumulate data and they started to allocate more energy and funds to provide better services for their customers.”

He continues, “Consumer preferences have changed in the course of time and the need for technology has increased. Today the customers prefer companies providing financial services in the easiest way. And the companies need technology to change their corporate structures and business models. Today companies are in a competition to adapt their technological infrastructures and welcome the innovations. Many companies have already transferred the infrastructure they have to cloud technologies in order to have a larger and more organized customer database.”

ANIL UZUN also says, “With the help of cloud technology to be more agile in data-driven decision-making processes for trade, risk management, fraud activities and even for potential mergers and acquisitions. The cloud system is an effective and efficient tool to collect, store and process data. The companies can easily get analysis, visualization and storage of data. The companies can also make customer analysis, product pricing, new product development and sales activities easily.”

“What about financial technology companies?” he asks. “In recent years fintech companies have increased their market shares and enriched customer experiences with cloud technology. Financial data can be stored and backed up. That reduces the costs of projects and makes the project teams work faster. Also the project teams consist of fewer people, that leads to lower expenses and increases the profit margin. Cloud eliminates the operational load and the project can be managed with a team of 3 people instead of 10.”

“When it comes to customer services, the cloud is helpful too. Take the stock market, today, customers can access financial data twice as fast and more consistently. And the markets can now provide a great benefit in terms of user experience.” he adds.

ANIL UZUN continues. “You can also meet risk management needs of financial institutions with cloud. The organizations do have unlimited information storage capacity, and they can integrate different data sources or encrypt data with more comprehensive security certificates. Human errors are eliminated with the automation brought by the cloud system.”

“Before I finish my words, I want to emphasize one more time that cloud technology is now indispensable for financial technology companies. The established and large institutions such as banks, small companies and start-ups, all benefit from the technology. Now it is an integral part of daily services with artificial intelligence and machine learning.” he adds.

He says. “Many companies know that their products and services need cloud tech to compete. Companies that use the technology effectively start the competition one step ahead. I am not talking about the private sector but also the public companies shall adapt to cloud tech. The institutions and organizations that can store and analyze their data accurately, effectively that will lead them to a future full of success.”

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