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Congress’ Youth Wing protests over imposition of entry charges at Chandigarh Railway station

The members of Chandigarh Youth Congress on Monday staged a protest outside Chandigarh railway station against the UT and railway’s decision to impose entry charges at Chandigarh Railway station.

The protest will be continued till the demands are met and will be held from 12.00 pm to 05.00 pm at the railway station, officials said.

Chandigarh Youth congress president Manoj Lubana, who is leading the protest called the decision “a shameful act” and said, “The decision has put burden on common man’s pocket and the railway is mostly used by common man only. Autodrivers, cab drivers and rickshaw pullers will be the one facing the financial burden as they cannot afford to pay such high toll taxes.”

Speaking on the same, Chandigarh Congress president, HS lucky said, “This decision would affect the interest of the common people. The party will protest against this decision. One by one, government is trying to privities the railways completely. We want the toll tax at the entry of Chandigarh Railway station to be removed immediately.”

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