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Costs, flexibility in choosing doctors among concerns raised about Singapore’s healthcare reform initiative

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Healthier SG public engagement session, Second Minister for Health Masagos Zulkifli said that MOH has engaged about 500 participants through five public sessions so far.

“Our engagement so far has brought up a few concerns … For example, what if they already have a company doctor or (if) they have a few doctors, how do they make their choices?” he said, adding that these questions will be taken into consideration.

“(We can) see how we can package it so that for both doctors as well as the resident – they know how best to choose their doctor, and for the doctors, how to manage patients who may even have more than one doctor,” said Mr Masagos, who is also the Minister of Social and Family Development.

“We may have to have a good IT system so that information can be porous, (with) enough protection for their security but at the same time, enable different doctors hopefully to manage different kinds of sickness,” he said.

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